Should a woman reveal her dark past to her husband

Wengine past is too clean hadi you become a suspect like no way uko this baggage less. However I don’t recommend telling someone such toxic stuff even your own mother. It’s your baggage keep it to yourself.

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Yeah women should always reveal their true body count.


Any man asking about a woman’s body count doesn’t love her. That’s why this guy has never asked. He loves her. Don’t let your past define you by bringing it to your present. You learnt your lessons now move on. Men have more ugly pasts and they never reveal it to their wives bcz they understand the principle. No need to spoil something good by bringing up the past. She reformed and that’s all that matters.


You try for a baby for 3yrs nothing happening kumbe the lady had several abortions and some std which has rendered her infertile. Or years later she has liver failure…all because of some std which she picked from her escapades…history muhimu sana


I agree with you. She should keep her past to herself. If I were the husband and she chose to inform me of her past, I would give her a very keen listening ear, maybe even a shoulder to cry on. I would then excuse myself to go get some milk never to return again.


[quote=“TrumanCapote, post:3, topic:472374”]
Any man asking about a woman’s body count doesn’t love her. That’s why this guy has never asked. He loves her. Don’t let your past define you by bringing it to your present[/quote]



You want elders to marry women with a dark past and expect a brighter future?


Women and accountability!!! Sahizo amekuja na watoto watatu wa mwanaume mwingine na haifai uulize past yake. You are just supposed to be ready to bankroll her spoilt brats’ education and all that without asking what happened!


Marraya old.

Exactly… The Lord will Repay You for your Good Heart…


Truman imagine uoleke na mtu musuri sana, a saint vile tu hujai imagine, blessings eh!! Sasa zalia yeye, one, two three Boyz alafu siku Moja unapata huyo jamaa mzuri alikuwa anauwa wanawake na kunywa damu Yao…amekuwa akitafutwa na DCI, will you still want to continue giving your best in that relationship ama utachukua mkoba na watoto kama umeenda mbali?

The past matters. A lot.

Akipewa 150 anapeana mkia

The Lord works in wonderful ways but that is not one of them.

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Well, you can get an STD from one encounter, like if you have ever had unprotected sex, you can have an STDS, all it takes is one time, so what escapades are you talking about?

Matter of fact it is you as a man who poses a higher risk to a woman, you can infect your wife with Human Papiloma Virus(HPV) which leads to cervical cancer so you really need to be candid about the number and caliber of women you were having raw sex with so that the woman can know if she should expect cancer or not and if you are worth the risk.

Mambo ya abortion is neither here nor there, if she had kids you are the same person who will write her off bcz of it. Also a mere scan can show any issues with the uterus, being told about her history can not tell you that, some people have had fibroid removed others have endometriosis and others are affected by birth control that causes blocked fallopian tubes.These things are very relative. I believe that before marriage you should do genetic testing, blood tests, the whole battery of STD test, rhesus tests and every other conceivable test. Sickle cells carrier test etc. Most times it’s the men with genetic defects bcz of their weak system and also carefree lifestyles.

Oh yeah you show up at Christmas party and some of her customers were your brother and uncle. Wondering why they are looking at each other strangely eh!!! Worst thing that can happen is hearing your wife was a prostitute from your blood relatives. Only you didn’t know, you are the only fool.

They’re married and have a kid already so no chance of that.

@TrumanCapote :

Simple Advise :
Let sleeping dogs lie …

Digging up anybody’s past will only reveal decaying matter or bones …

And these will do you no good … :joy::blush:

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