Should a laptop be plugged in when in use?

Or should I unplug it when fully charged and run on battery power? Research Inaleta contradictory opinions so nimeona niwauilize advice yenu ni gani from your experience. Machine ni Lenovo t490.

If it has a lithium battery, make sure inachezea between 10% - 95%. Use it like the way you use your phone na battery itakaa maisha marefu (personal experience).


Keep it plugged. The trick is to reduce the number of charge-discharge cycle. But also its important to avoid overheating the laptop. Battery itaisha haraka.


Lenovo Iko na option ya ku set battery charge to start only when it’s under 40% and max charge to be 95%. It can run on AC throughout. Feature safi sana.

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Modern laptops have smart charge control. Ikijaaa inajidisconnect ata charger ikiwa plugged in. The trick is to buy a business laptop. They last five times longer and have huge protections on place

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Toshiba or all modern laptops have the option to cap the charging at 80%, so it’s safe.

Unplug when battery charges to 80%, recharge when it drops to 30%. Keeping the laptop plugged in all the time kills the battery.

Its recommended you keep it in the socket. A laptop battery has 300 cycles. One cycle is lost once the battery reaches 0%.