Shots fired!

In an apparent reference to calls by the opposition for parts of the country to break away and plans to swear in Nasa leader Raila Odinga as president, he warned that those who “cross the line” will not be tolerated.
“We will not entertain any language, any action, that threatens our territorial integrity,” Mr Kenyatta told first-time governors and their deputies Thursday when he officially opened their retreat at Diani Reef Hotel in Kwale County.

Ajaze KAsarani kwanza!

Kuongea anajua, spineless fellow


Sv unasumbua, leta jubilee development manenos kama bwana @spear ndio tukuskize.

Mbadi said it clearly yesterday in parliament:


Jaza klabu yako kwanza otherwise hungekuwa hapa frothing.

Tihihi. Uthamaki defense forces has arrived.

Kwani siku ya inauguration ulikuwa umegeuka kipofu na kiziwi?

It’s of no consequence. It’s like me waking up one day and declaring I don’t recognize the pope.

Ni maiaka zingine tano tu.


Akaambie viti huko Kasa. Bloody bure! :D:D:D

Enda uangalie hiyo discussion and the points being put across ndio ujue hii presidency is overated. Sasa mtalipa watu hadi lini wajae kwa stadium to show patriotism??? Umeffi of the highest degree


Whatever console your sour grapes.


kua mpole DJ

Kumira kumira, 3 mirrion strong

Development of new ways to loot public cofffers? Ama which development?

Kumeera ilisha Birthday Edishon ,now its empty stadiums , unless atalipa watu kuatttend ,even his tribemates have no time to waste on him. When I saw hizo chain amevaa I was like this guy KNOWS he has lost legitimacy and thats why he needs all these shenanginans za kutuvalia chain ndio tuamini kweri yeye ni president.

:D:D be kind please:D