Shots Fired Ask Rival Gangs Face Off

NFAC vs 3%percenters face off



These are not BLM, they dont do the begging for human rights. They are there to show that they can and will defend themselves if anything happends. I still cant comprehend how black americans can be so anti 2nd amendment, they should be the most pro.

Iko sawa. Wacha walimane kabisa.

BLACK PANTHERS PART 2 , this is what black ppl shld all do to end their woes…white ppl have promised frredom for 400 yrs , mtangoja mpaka lini


It was accidental, just minor injuries. Fake news.

I think it’s hilarious what NFAC stands for. It sounds like a dignified acronym only to find out…:smiley:

dick measuring is primitive…

God bless these type of Americans

Wewe huwa unachukia blacks kwa nini? Just an honest question. I have never seen you criticize whites the way you criticize blacks. And the way white people wako na mistakes nyingi za kucriticize including slavery and jim crow. I have never seen you criticize whites for anything. It is as if they are angels. Just an honest question. I don’t know whether you have the guts to answer it though.

Oh, it is only primitive when blacks are fighting for their rights. When whites take up arms it is fine but when blacks do so, you start crying like a child.

Don’t you think it’s funny what NFAC stands for? How can anyone take them seriously when their brand name is messed up to begin with? Their leader sounds psychotic due to chronic anger issues, not good. These guys wanted to be given land in Africa for resettlement purposes because they say they’re tired of living in a racist country. But can you imagine the pains a head of state would be in to introduce this group? lol. For the record I love Black people.

Uko na a very deep hatred against black people. What I am not sure about is whether you only hate African Americans or whether you hate every black person in the world. As I have already said, If you were a fair, objective and reasonable person, you would criticize both black people and white people in America. There is no group that doesn’t have weaknesses. As I have already said, I have never seen you criticize white people in America despite the fact that they stole land from Native Americans, enslaved African people, raped enslaved black women, killed thousands of black people during slavery, instituted jim crow laws to continue oppressing black people, lynched, stoned, burned, hanged black people. All these weaknesses of white people and yet you cannot criticize them because to you they are angels. You and your fellow house negro @T.Vercetti are brainwashed to hate black people and love white people despite their weaknesses.

You asked me a question, I made the mistake of answering you but since you don’t like the answer you’ve now decided to force your erroneous beliefs upon me. I’m not going to quote, criticize whites, in order to make you happy. I could also ask you why you don’t critique blacks but I won’t. By now you should be mature enough to realize this world and its people don’t always fit into neat boxes.

both races were thoroughly represented… why are you race baiting??

nigga aliingia mitini probably… hawa ni wale hukutafutia makosa for existing and being black

But you yourself you hate ALL white people especially ever since Trump won the election. And you hate them because CNN told you to do it.

Nowadays you don’t think, the fellows at CNN do the thinking for you because you are an idiot and they know that you are an idiot!

You are controlled like a zombie by CNN.

You hate Trump and all his supporters because CNN told you to do it. And I don’t know who has lied to you that your beloved Democratic party has a black candidate this year.

You hate all white people as if they currently own slaves while in fact it was a very small population of white billionaires that owned slaves and they died a century ago! And proof also stands that Africans in Africa hunted, sold and owned millions of black slaves as well.

You hate all white people yet you live in a predominantly mzungu country and you’ve refused to go back to Kenya because you don’t want to live with your fellow Africans.

Right now you are triggered because you have just come from watching CNN and your emotions are in a disarray. You are feeling heartburn and marusmus fever. Your heartbeat is very high… you want to slap a white person on the street but you are afraid you will be slapped back and promptly deported!

So you turn to the internet to insult @Purple instead, because you know she is thousands of miles away and you are very safe. :D:D

Usituletee umang’aa wewe. Enda uone CNN bila kusumbua.

And who told you that your own tribal community didn’t invade Kenya and kill and enslave the weaker tribes they found here!!!

Unadhani walikuta empty land with no occupants???

And the funny thing is you are complaining and yet Kenyans in particular still own black slaves today!

And they treat their black slaves worse than than the wazungus did during slavery.

Your own mother @Tony254 owns a slave whom she pays $10 a month from the money you send her from Europe. This slave is expected to do big things with that $10 after spending hundreds of hours, cooking and cleaning for your mother. That girl is a slave.

@Tony254 you are a slaveholder!

@Tony254 you are exploiting your fellow Africans and paying them nothing.

Those 3 percenters are poor whites just like these NFAC who are in turn poor blacks.

Shouldn’t both groups take their war to the billionaires who took their jobs to China?

This is a chokosh war between poor broke and confused idiots who don’t know who their real enemy is.

In Kenya the Mau Mau were poor black kids.

The KAR and fussiliers were poor white kids.

The wealthy Queen of England who is the actual cause of the problem, seats back and enjoys the wrestling match.

[SIZE=6]Blacks In murika are fools. If there were to marry each other and give birth of 3-5 children. In each household. In 3 generation saa hii hao ndio wangekuwa majority in that country.
lakini juu ya upuzi wao. Hao ndio wAko in the front line fighting for LGBT chieth and feminisms. Their women have loud mouth which cannot be tame. Wanaume wao drugs zina wamalisa. Ongezea jealous among themselves.
No Blackman is happy seeing another black men. Gang wars wakishindana ni Nani kusema. Omusungu made gun legal ndio hizi ghasia ziuane.
If blacks were responsible had corporate business doing well. And encourage trade between themselves saa hii omusungu will be playing second fiddle to nyeuthi.[/SIZE]