Shosho ameharibu kijiji

Shosho who was resting peacefully now is starting a new life in rumande [ATTACH=full]260541[/ATTACH]

Leta stori yote…

G4S idiot from the Nairobi West heist took cash to his grandmothers house in Machakos. She has been arrested and cash recovered. Another fool took the cash to his father inlaw’s compound in Kakamega and buried it in a cowshed. 1M has been recovered today.

i have never seen idiots like this before you still 70m plus and choose to be so stupid haha
sasa uyo anaeza kua ata innoccent

I am triggered by the level of stupidity in this idiots… how do you steal without an exit plan!

Digi kihiii

Stealing was the end, not the means to an end. After stealing, they seems to to have known what to do next. It happens across the board.
We work so hard to achieve certain goals in life, and once we achieve them we get lost in confusion.
Una struggle kukuja mayuu, once umefika, your life stagnates, same with education, careers, jobs etc.

that was too much weight for those idiots to handle

Jinga Sana, hii kitu unatupa phone then unachukua furnished apartment kilimani and just wait for the heat to cool

I think they had no solution to hide the money. It’s quite difficult. Assuming you were one of them, how you hide it?

Ati Kilimani? unaingia tu Kibra or any other ghetto rent a house, cut all communications and remain under water. Kutoka ni majioni kwenda kununua vitu za kula na kurudi keja. Ukitaka ku nunua stuff unabuy tao na ni weekly. hata mwezi itaisha kama bado unatafutwa.

Why do you assume there’s no intelligence kwa ghetto. Hessy hatafutangi wateja peke yake

The whole deal went pear shaped when the first thick police twats were arrested. They’ve been singing in their cells. I however believe the bulk of the money will go with the arresting officers

It’s not even intelligence, it’s common sense, peasants wakianza kuongea about the strange character who just moved in and has some nice smelling supplies which he regularly buys without fail and is only seen at night, in fact ni wamama wataanza kuongea and it will only take a crazy person to loudly ponder whether they guy is one of the heist suspects to get the village talking and before you know it, villagers are trying to blackmail you and police are gaining in on you. The tiniest details in your abnormal routine will sell you out.

@Makonika mpe sweep…

:D:D so wale hawajabambwa uta wa advais aje ?

Tupa your current phone? Nope. Just leave it online and fully charged in a very undisclosed location ikiwa fully charged and if need be, a power bank to keep it running for a few days. Buy a new phone and register it with fake ID za kuokota mitaani. This new phone is just to keep you in the know how via social media, and also for new rentals and transactions. Don’t login any using your old social accounts. You can create new if possible.

In the mean time as they trace your current location via your old phone register and buy another phone with your original ID, leave it as well in a different location, you got money to lose coz what’s a 5k phone anyway? This will keep DCI busy as they try to triangulate your last seen phone registration and IMEI with your ID. Go underground and assume a new identity with your fake ID, yenye uliokota mitaani. Keep a low profile, no partying or big purchases.

Smart steal needs a smart exit plan.

Do you have a thief in your family?

bad idea man

How will anybody trace you?