Short stays.

Wadau holiday season ndio hii.
Planing to travel mtaani with only one hitch keja yangu imejaa wageni and in-laws meaning hatuna space and since tutakuwa huko for a short period ni wapi or links za keja serviced nifiche familia huko.
I have another Ugandan family too who would like to visit mtaani.
Any ideas are welcome.
Family-6 members.

mtaani ni wapi exactly?


Vile @ricko amesema … Airbnb is the way to go…and it’s cheap.

Hii kijiji maneno yake huwa inanikanganya kabisa. Kabisa. Inanichanganya. So, like you have to vacate your house because you have too many visitors? Heheheee… And take your family into hiding? Who are the visitors visiting?

Am so confused too.



Ubaya wasee hutaka explanation kibao.
Let me take you through.
My in-laws stays at my crib and since am.never there we share rent OK.
Meaning keja iko full and can’t go squeezing them out or tell them guys m coming look for a place to stay.
Get the drift.

Poa mzito wacha nizicheki.

Don’t worry.
The Ugandan family has to stay close to me since we have planned our movements of where I should take them.
Ama ulikuwa unadai niwafukuze watu.

Niko na boy wangu ananipea two bedrooms crib at 4k per day.
Do you think its fair rate?

Weka wagen kwa Airbnb n stay in ya house niga!