Short History, Amin Double Crossed Israel. He remained friends with Britain and US,

Idi Amin, President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979: Hero or villain, “revolutionary” or puppet of the West?

Adolf Hitler of Germany, Pol Pot of Cambodia and Joseph Stalin of the now defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), are regarded as three of the most brutal and murderous leaders of our time, followed by Idi Amin of Uganda, Jean Bedel Bokassa of the Central African Republic (CAR), Gen. Francisco Franco of Spain, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Francisco Macias Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia, and Gen. Michel Micombero of Burundi, not necessarily in the foregoing order, though many schools of thought would place Idi Amin fourth after Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin.

What is ironic though, is that Amin enjoyed unrestricted movements globally during his eight year Ugandan presidency of 1971 to 1979, and even after Amin was deposed in April 1979, Amin initially fled to Libya, where he was briefly, before relocating to Saudi Arabia where Amin “lived happily ever after” in seclusion and comfort, that is, until his demise in August 2003.

It is difficult not to see how Idi Amin was a proxy of the Americans and the British, who all along acted at the behest and the bidding of the Americans and the British. For such a “most wanted man,” Amin was able to move around the world very freely, as mentioned, and further, Uganda was not shut off from the rest of Africa or the rest of the world, like North Korea, during Idi Amin’s eight year presidency.

For example, in July 1975 Uganda hosted the high profile annual summit of the Organisation of African Union (OAU), today known as the African Union (AU), three years after Idi Amin was heavily criticised for the expulsion of Asians from Uganda in 1972, and even though Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya has never similarly been heavily criticised for similarly expelling Asians from Kenya in 1968, and even though also, President Donald Trump of the USA, since 2O17, has similarly been heavily criticised for deportations from the USA, and policies that restrict immigration to America. How is it that Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya is still regarded as “an angel” in this respect, and how is it that Idi Amin of Uganda and Donald Trump of USA are regarded as villains in this respect, yet all three men stand accused of deportations. Why was Uganda allowed to host the high profile Organisation of African Union (OAU) annual summit in July 1975, enabling Amin become OAU President, only three years after Idi Amin was heavily criticised for forcefully evicting Asians from Uganda?

The number of people killed in Uganda during Idi Amin’s eight year rule, including Kenyans, is placed as high as 500,000 people. For example, independence hero Kungu Karumba, one of the iconic “Kapenguria Six” of 1952 of Jomo Kenyatta, Achieng Oneko, Paul Ngei, Fred Kubai, Bildad Kaggia, and Karumba himself, made a trip to Uganda in June 1974, and has never been heard of since. Esther Chesire, younger sister of Senator Zipporah Kittony and one time MP for Eldoret North, as well as one time Chairman of the Kenya Dairy Board (KDB), Reuben Chesire, was picked up from Uganda’s Entebbe Airport in March 1976 by members of Amin’s dreaded “State Research Bureau (SRB)” security unit, and has never been heard of since. Equally very alarming are the many Kenyans who were indiscriminately rounded up in Uganda after 4th July 1976 by Amin’s “State Research Bureau (SRB),” Amin’s equally dreaded “Public Safety Unit (PSU)” and Uganda’s Military Police, and who have never been seen again, because of the support that Kenya gave to the Israeli hostage rescue mission of 4th July 1976 at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport.

Kungu Karumba, Esther Chesire, and an unspecified number of Kenyans, following the Entebbe Rescue Mission of 4th July 1976, can be said to be among the many victims of Amin’s despotic and murderous eight year presidency, even though Amin was never denied access to Kenya after this, and even though Amin attended Jomo Kenyatta’s State Funeral of 31st August 1978, where Amin sat at the same podium with other world leaders and dignitaries of the time, such as President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, President William Tolbert of Liberia, President Zia ul-Haq of Pakistan, Prime Minister Morarji Desai of India, Andrew Young, the then US Ambassador to the United Nations, who led the official American delegation, Prince Charles of the United Kingdom, who represented Queen Elizabeth II, Jeff Carter, son of then US President Jimmy Carter, who represented his father, and Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court Judge, who came in his private capacity.

No effort was made by Kenya and/or Kenyans to bar Idi Amin from attending Jomo Kenyatta’s State Funeral of 31st August 1978, and/or no effort was made by the Kenyan authorities, via laid diplomatic channels, to ask Amin about the whereabouts of Kungu Karumba, Esther Chesire, and the many Kenyans who were rounded up in Uganda after 4th July 1976, never to be seen again.

It was not just Ugandans and Kenyans who disappeared during Amin’s eight year rule, different other nationalities were affected. Despite this, Amin visits Syria in October 1973, addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, USA, on 1st October 1975, hosts Brazilian soccer legend Pele in Uganda in February 1976, visits Yugoslavia in April 1976, visits Egypt in May 1976, and visits Egypt again in October 1978. In other words, no sanctions were placed on Idi Amin, and/or his movements, and further, Amin and Uganda, were even honoured with visits then, by global icons such as Pele.

Why wasn’t Amin arrested and/or brought to justice like Charles Taylor, Radovan Karadzic, Bosco Ntaganda, Laurent Gbagbo & Slobodan Milosevic? Similarly, why weren’t Amin’s key right hand men in Uganda during his eight year rule, such as Gen. Mustafa Adrisi and Col. Isaac Maliyamungu, ever arrested and/or brought to justice? Col. Isaac Maliyamungu even lived in Kenya for a while after Amin was deposed in April 1979.

Those killed by Idi Amin’s regime from 1971 to 1979, are placed as high as 500,000, so why weren’t the equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials ever held in Uganda or elsewhere in the world, after Amin was deposed in April 1979?

From 1971 to August 2003 when he died, Idi Amin was never arrested, sanctioned, assassinated or hanged, like Patrice Lumumba in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Col. Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Unlike Mobutu Sese Seko in Zaire (today the Democratic Republic Congo - DRC), whose getaway aircraft was almost shot down in Zaire in May 1997 as Mobutu hastily fled Zaire, Amin’s escape from Uganda in April 1979 was well timed and well coordinated, with Amin having ample time to flee to Libya, via Sudan, it appears. In other words, the military coup in which Amin was deposed in April 1979, was pre-arranged, stage managed and funded by the Americans/the British/the CIA/MI6, otherwise Amin would not have gotten such a “soft landing” in exile in Libya and Saudi Arabia, for the rest of his life.

In December 1989, during the US presidency of George H.W. Bush i.e. the senior George Bush, American marines spectacularly invaded Panama, captured then Panamanian President Gen. Manuel Noreiga, and flew back to the USA with Gen. Noreiga, where Noreiga was detained by the Americans for many years. Legend has it that Gen. Noreiga had resolved to nationalise the Panama Canal, something that would have adversely affected American interests in the region.

No such drastic Gen. Manuel Noreiga/Panama action was ever taken on Idi Amin, Uganda, and/or Amin’s henchmen over the years, such as Gen. Mustafa Adrisi or Col. Isaac Maliyamungu, which can only mean one thing i.e. that all through i.e. from 25th January 1971 when he seized power in Uganda in a military coup, to 16th August 2003 when he died in comfort and seclusion in exile in Saudi Arabia, El-Hajj Idi Amin Dada Oumee, had powerful well heeled well connected backers i.e. the Americans and the British.

Idi amin shouldnt make that list.

Kweli hunanga akili…ii mshuto si ni lie ya mamako kijana

[SIZE=6]Leopold II’s rule over the Congo was a horror story with a body count on par with Hitler’s[/SIZE]

My point is that, Idi Amin was trained, armed and helped ascend to power by Israel. He later turned against them. But he maintained his ties with Britain and US, chini ya maji. The story given to you by your history teachers is false. He was a great friend of Burning Spear, and often led prayers at our Jamia Mosque. He had a business relationship with Daniel Arap Moi, a joint venture.

Beyond Hitler’s!!

Amin was a mentally disturbed man. Didn’t even know what he was doing.

I have been reviewing history
Obote killed more people than Amin:
Shida Ni obote was educated so people though he was justified.

Obama deported more people than Obama after being president for a similar time as trump.
Shida Ni,Obama was/is black
And people think Obama was justified but trump was not.

Again…arresting and charging leaders wasn’t really common then as it is now

Bashar al Assad dad killed people
Ushawahi sikia he was ever charged with any criminal offence?