Short Hekaya

When I was in uganda, I once picked a girl at Kabalagala market center in Kampala, the lady eventually agreed to spend the night with me. There is this other confused guy, he was a Rwandan, I will call him Kibox Manyoya, he didn’t know how to face a lady then ask for pussy, Kibox Manyoya agreed to pay me 50,000 Ugandan shillings (about Ksh2,500). The deal was I take the girl, smash her to satisfaction then pretend as if am going to pee, then Kibox Manyoya could come and finish the job. My body and his were similar in size, she could not realize the evil ploy…after fucking the bitch to satisfaction, I went out then tipped Manyoya, the guy went in, after 3 minutes, the man screamed in Kinyaruanda waking up everybody in the plot, it later turned out that Kibox Manyoya had never fucked a lady in his entire life, those screams were screams of sweetness after he ejaculated

You can tell this to the birds:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

kwani shule zimefungwa tena?

Kijana ako sawa. Nice hekaya.keep writing more

Nguiwa ta ngwenzwa

Maybe the guy was screaming and mourning the loss of his 2500. Juu Ile damage alipata umefanyia Ile ikus alijua amecheswo.


hehehe he must have been a wanker to last 3 minutes, shoti yangu ya kwanza ya kuvunja uvajo really lasted for long and the cumming ilinishtua.

50k ugx is 1,400/- Kes…not 2,500/- M’kay?

hii nimeskia tu kwako

Jokes aside, shoti yako ya kuvunja uvajo took 3 minutes?

okay not actually 3min but it didn’t last that long

Kibox manyoya = @Saintonthebeathoe