Short girls are they like this?


are you one?

je-lousy ninini?

Joto huku

Baba umepotelea wapi?

he [SIZE=1]is[/SIZE] lousy

Job mingi toto.


See what I am seeing?

Short girls are like this[ATTACH=full]207823[/ATTACH]

If I have ever seen a savage dis, this one takes the cake.

While I would love to piss all over this thread hiyo part ya giving birth ni ukweli and the rest of that shit is equally factual. In campus I have been with 99% short girls. A couple of them walishika ball tukiwa fourth year, mmoja ni single mother at the moment, another would kick me in the shin and punch me in the stomach when she saw me talking to other girls. All in all, short girls are fun to be with but shitty human beings. Are they even human?

This is what I am seeing.

Kicked in the shins, kwani ni wa Nyeri?

Hehe…ingekuwa wa nyeri singekuwa hapa. Nyumba yangu ya thahabu ingekuwa imekamilika.

inakaa wewe huota chapat

There are no short girls, just women

:smiley: :D:D hapana. @Kimakia leta screen shot yako for comparison purposes.

:D:D:D:D:D Nimerauka vizuri leo,usiharibu siku kuni compare na hiyo midget.I am 5’6" by the way.That is not short.

Stop encouraging people to call you daddy