Shopping online!! Is it still a headeache.??

Shopping online was a big problem bacl then but now adays,
Thanks to advance technology Buying online is easy at the comfort of your sit.

Shopping online was a big problem back then, but now adays it Easy From the comfort of you sit!! Things You’l need:
A credit card or a Paypal account.
An account to the site you want to shop online.
What to do:
1.Go to the site which you want to buy the item online. i reccomend “Ebay”
2. Pick the item you want to buy online.
(make sure it ships to Worlwide and at no charges)
3. Put it on basket or watch it.
4. Go to basket.
5. Click “Buy now”
6. Add your address or the address of your nearest postal office.
7. Click “Pay now”
8.Add a Payment method.
a) By login in to your paypal account.
b) By adding your credit card.
9.Press " confirm button"
10. You will receive an email congratulating you on the purchase of the selected item plus more information about shipment and a tracking number e.t.c

Wrong forum. Rudi facebook


when is “back then”, Mr Roast Meat?



[SIZE=6]DHL cautions Kenyan online shoppers on import charges ahead of festive season[/SIZE]

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We already kwn that …we want first hand real life experience information with someone who has gone thru the whole process…someone who can explain all hidden charges including KRA charges…hio mushene ingine rudisha fb

I have experienced this!! i can show proof.
i had carded a raspberry pi 2 and it took 17 days to reach here from china through chinapost it was delivered to posta i went to pick it up i was charged 175/=

ehhhe endelea,more details… which bank did u use for transactions.most people would like to buy like phones which are not yet available locally/ cheaper as compared to our mrkt,

i usually use paypal and nakumatt global card. i also use hacked credit cards.

that makes two tiffs in da village…

i smell popos, u hack into someones credit card details to shop online.and u use your real names on paypal and your address that shit is going to be traced back to u…

Hahaha you wouldn’t be saying it in an online forum. Either you’re stupid or you want to be noticed.


what kind of a thief steals and then goes bragging about it? well, except @snapdragon

ng’ombe ino`

tiffs za nini??

Hata nikisema si paka uweze kuniproof kama nimefanya hiyo theft. Its common carders wako wingi na wanatafuta customers.

when i use hacked cc i create a gmail accnt of the owners name plus an ebay accnt with the cc infos then i make my ip look like it from the cc owners place then i order the item i mark it as gift then i write shipping address ya posta. siezi kamatwa. na nafanya when i am in need of something important.