Shopping on Aliexpress and Amazon as easy as ABCD

Thanks to Avechi.

Ngombe @Jimit si unajua tu kuklik saa ingine huwa ngumu…

If any one would be able to ship in from Amazon India!
Those buggers, the desis, have it very easy.

:D:D:D:D nilikua nangoja hii

Me too maze am trying very much to find a way

[SIZE=7]How It Works[/SIZE]
Avechi is making your online shopping as simple as blinking an eye.
You can now shop from your favorite online site such as and
Browse Aliexpress or Amazon, fill in your quote on the homepage.
Within 2hours to 24hours we shall email you an invoice from [email protected] for the requested items with pricing and also payment details.
You can then confirm and make payment as indicated.
You await for Delivery of your package for 10-21 days.
Email: [email protected]
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Mimi nataka kuship from Riyadh



Are they dealing with everything ama ni just the small electronics?
Kuna hand tools cordless nazitaka pale AliExpress but shipping to Kenya ni Nyet…

Just give them the link

Link yangu ni @incognitus yeye akishindwa then nitaangalia hizi sites

You can try talking to the supplier to ship it to a cargo consolidator in China,

a $7 bag wananileta invoice ya 1700… too expensive

Tell us what your shipping charges are? Ksh per kg/lbs

kama ni cordless powertools you’re better off buying US brands especially during black Friday you could get up to 50% discount. Last black Friday I got some Milwaukee power tools at almost 50% discount.

Amazon or ebay?

.why do I need 2 middlemen???

Talk to them directly via DM, they usually ship


But their website is location restricted so ukifungulia hapa vumbistan haitafunguka. Look for a shipping company that can do a direct purchase. Tumia VPN ama some proxy site to access the website. Then Copy the SKU number upatie the shipping company.

When it comes to powertools the best discounts are at Homedepot. Although there is also another major US store but sijawai nunua huko. Hata Amazon haiezi fika hizo discounts.