Shooter used racist slur as Arbery lay dying, that makes it a hate crime

A state investigator alleged Thursday that a white man was heard saying a racist slur (fng N*r) as he stood over Ahmaud Arbery’s body, moments after killing him with three shots from a pump-action shotgun.

In a hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence to proceed with a murder trial, the lead Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent in the case testified that Travis and Greg McMichael and a third man in another pickup, William “Roddie” Bryan, used their trucks to chase down and box in Arbery, who repeatedly reversed directions and ran into a ditch while trying to escape.


In future, the black people should be taking the law in their hands and lynch these fvckers. No need to show civility while they are treated like coakroaches

White privilege at it’s height. Guy shoots and kills unarmed black man and the justice system still can’t decide whether to prefer a murder charge. Gaddem!