Shogas = monkeypox


@Tauren na @Weyn pia mzee shoga @kanguthu hii bado haijawanasa?:D:D:D:D:D penda sana

  1. They would blame y’all before they blame the fags.

  2. This is moral panic.

  3. QUOTE: Person-to-person transmission can occur through the exchange of large respiratory droplets during prolonged face-to-face contact. People can also get exposed through direct contact with bodily fluids, the lesions that form during an infection, or contaminated items like clothing or bedding.

Nothing new under the sun.

@Tauren akibomoa kabat ya @chap


I know venye wamesema fags are the main vectors you have felt attacked. Use protection and tell Mr. Cooper to stay away from the European bottoms. Utakua sawa.

They have tried to find any recent travel to Africa among the infected fags in vain. All the infected in spain are gey orgy goers.

Main culprits are MajorProphet …King Robert Baratheon… kanguthu… Azor Ahai and Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD chini ya waba

Funda ino :D.

The article says it’s not a sexually transmitted disease but then why is it affecting men who have sex with men unless they were deliberately infected?

God is punishing the wicked nearnderthal races for the atrocities they have committed since the beginning of time. I foresee a pandemic that will soon come and wipe out all the whites and Asians

kupumuliwa kwa kisogo?


Ni kama tu how ukimwi started in the West.


I had this browser console that I didn’t think would post a gif. First timer that one its not relative.

You all do realize Monkeypox is endemic to West and Central Africa right??? Nigeria gets like 3000 cases a year. It is considered a NORMAL disease in West Africa alongside Lassa Fever.
However we do not hear about it because
1.Nigerian media does not like highlighting their ‘shame’.
2.Media only tends to highlight health issues when they affect the West.
This attempt to link it to gat people is nonsense. Most people who get it in Nigeria are actually women. Are you telling me Nigeria, DRC, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Ghana, all of which have thousands of cases of Monkeypox have a high concentration of Lesbians??? In Sokoto state???