Honestly, I just want to know. Is shoe size related to diq siz or pussy size …? Experts come help me here … matusi kula …

…and ma @bollingo size too.

Hizi ni materials za Zuckerburg. Be fair to him.


good note mbloo …


waah!!! hapa ni ma…

@admin , please kalisha watu chini uwaeleze ujinga kama hii causes some unique challenges as far as your allocated disk quota by your host is concerned. Tell them your disk quota will be unable to handle this kind of bullshit. Tell them, your resources are not comparable to Mark Zuckerberg’s hence your site will not be able to handle such posts in a sustainable manner.
Na wewe @bollingo , please limit the amount of upumbavu kwa kichwa. There is a limit to the amount of bullshit a single head can carry. Mbwa wewe


Niko works natengeneza pesa, this month alone gari na plot

Hard work alone

Na wewe what are u doing with ur life? Kuni.hate tu?

Sijui watu hawajui kusoma ama ni mie sijui kuandika …

so, mkule matowsie …

What man talks of other men’s dicks. Unless this mf is gay then we excuse him.ama ni friend ya @Gay Lord XII

I just saw it somewhere but, no proof. I ain’t no gay mbloo …

Let pink handlers talk about this not blue handlers. …just advice

Looks like the guy died.

Asimchape tena

hehe. the guy lived…hiyo occupational risk ni kubwa.

OUCH!! Hiyo ata mtu alikuwa Iceland akikamata vitu aliiskia. Waa.