Shoddy Contractors Should Be Jailed And Fined To Set An Example...Sad!

A village in Kiambu County is mourning the tragic death of five children who were killed after a septic tank caved in.

Confirming the incident, Ruiru OCPD Phineas Ringera told Daily Nation that the children were playing on top of the tank when the tragedy occurred.

The 20-feet septic tank was filled with water at the time the incident happened. The children were aged between three and seven years old.

The incident happened on the afternoon of Thursday, December 31, 2020.


Police are said to have received an alert from the parents informing them of the incident after hearing cries from the tank.

The officers together with firefighters rushed to the scene but efforts to rescue the children were futile.

The bodies were later transferred to a nearby hospital mortuary as police investigate the incident for possible negligence.

The accident comes just months after 12 children sustained injuries after they fell in a septic tank in Uasin Gishu in February 2020.

The children, from Moi’s Bridge Baptist Bible Mission School, were playing on the cemented top of the sewage system when it gave way.

The pupils were rescued by good samaritans and rushed to Moi Bridge Health Centre, where they were treated and discharged.

we’re a mediocre society.

but some clients opt to take a normal fundi to do the construction instead of an expensive contractor.
the contractor will want to save on cash so do the shoddiest job.
the client will have little money to spend, and since one doesn’t want to lose the job, take it and do shoddy work.
everybody will want to do the least and get the most,

so as Kahuni has said, we are all mediocre.

and to all who have built/done shoddy works, the lesson here is it might not come crumbling down today or tomorrow or just after you’ve done construction, it will one day come down and there will be repercussions.

so for Machaa wa hadithi, its good you opted out of putting a slab on top of your house. that construction was not okay to support a slab on top. there might be others which are worse than yours and stood/standing after several years, but you might not know when it’s your turn.

Machaa tried. But his contractors forgot to use a plumb bob resulting in angled beams and walls.

but that’s where the problem starts.
in matters life and death, one should not try. they should do their best.

Sasa hao adults badala kusaidia watoto walikimbia kwa police station? Idiots

Kweli kabisa.Not all contractors do shoddy jobs.Most people don’t use registered contractors who understand building concepts.They use fundis who build on the clients budget regardless of structural integrity.

usisahau wengi wetu hatujui first aid. so ata kusaidia mtu inakua ngumu.

First Aid should be a mandatory non-examinable subject/course in all schools from Primary

The above story is true everywhere even in politics,the blunders committed by stupid leaders must one day cause a crumbling.