Shocking: Two babies murdered in Kisii


Wtf is wrong in Kisii?

@Eng’iti kuja upeane national statement. what is happening buana.

We need a thorough research here

Mara macho, wachawi, sungusungu. What is wrong?

Nini inaendelea huko

Wakamba na wakisii wanafanya uchawi sana @PHARMACY

Lakini wakamba don’t have that malicious, murderous gene

Lakini wakamba don’t have that malicious, murderous gene

The dad has been arrested ! sijui nn inakula watu vichwa , few days agoa mother killed her 2 kids in kikuyu !!

Illiteracy can finish a nation.

Jambazi sugu , wakamba wanatumia mitishamba , si kuua watoto kama wakisii na mbaruya . @uwesmake is a filthy occultist who infected his whole family with HIV okimwi

There is a guy from our area who went to Kisii to do business in late 90s.
Sijui alifanya nini but one day alipatikana amekatwakatwa kama mboga. Literally.
I have never witnessed such brutality.
From that time niliogopa Kisiiland yote.

Years later when I used to venture into western Kenya, I would avoid that area completely.

Wakisii wanaogopa wakamba like hot potato .Incase they try this cannibalism to one of our own we can curse the whole generation to untold suffering

Maybe their forefather was a psychopath

I saw that guy in the motuary banae. He was a heap of meat. Very traumatic to a young naive man like I was then.

Sorry dude

Pole Sana bana

True dat. Wakamba hawapendi kuuana ama violence generally

In my whole life. Have never had a mKisii friend/classmate/colleague/galfriend/lanye.

Those fuckers are just bad ISH.