Shocking revelations on BBI Report by BBI Committee member


Days after the BBI report was officially launched at the Bomas of Kenya, Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) taskforce member Major Rtd General John Seii has claimed that some of the details contained in the final report has shocked them together with other Kenyans.

Speaking on Thursday morning when he appeared at a local vernacular radio station, Emoo FM for a morning interview, Seii claimed that Kenyans should know that many things were ‘sneaked’ into the document without their consent.

While touching on the appointment of the Ombudsman to the Judiciary and the Independence of the Police Service, Seii stated that they had all agreed to have the two institutions independent away from the executive influence but were later shocked to find out that the same schedules had been twisted to allow influence from the executive.

“We were called and we did not get the chance to go through the all report. It was just summarized for all of us and from the top look of it, all were well and according to plans. We did not know there were hidden documents inside,” he stated in an interview with Broadcaster Joshua Sang.
Weighing in on the matters of inclusivity and the introduction of the Prime Minister’s position and his two deputies, Seii communicated that at no time in point did Kenyans, in their wider meetings suggested for the creations of the two positions.

Instead Seii stated that Kenyans suggested for inclusivity at the county levels, where most demanded that equal representations should be a key factor in all counties.
In cosmopolitan counties, Seii observed that Kenyans suggested for equal representations at the county assemblies and employments for all the communities living in such particular countiers

“Throughout our engagements, Kenyans, in terms of inclusivity, did not suggest any additional executive posts at the top whether Prime Minister’s position, Cabinet Secretaries or their PS’s. They only talk of inclusivity at the county levels were most insisted on the need to include Women, Youths as well as people with disabilities in the county’s leadership,” he revealed.

“The inclusivity that Kenyans talked about was mainly sharing resources at the county level but it has been made to look like it was about creating positions at the top,” he added.

"Neither did Kenyans ask for additional MPs. What happened in Naivasha shocked all of us because Kenyans said they’re satisfied," he said.

He said the initial suggestion were to get rid of the ‘Winner Takes it All’ notion where the person who comes second in every election has always been rendered jobless and irrelevant in every general elections.

According to Seii, a proposal to create an office of the Leader of Opposition was suggested so as to incorporate the looser into checking the government’s functions and allow him/her to have a shadow cabinet fully sponsored by the government.

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