Shocking: Flat Revelation

People’s heads are actually flat. The reason we don’t see our flat heads is that the NASA Illuminati have implanted microchips in our flat heads which project diabolical holographic cgi directly into our visual cortex, thus faking it that we have non-flat heads and live on a globe (as if! - how dumb do these fucks think we are?).

I fucking detest the Globalists - the Cultural Marxists, led by the NASA Illuminati - that are trying to rob us of our faith in God by pretending that we live on a bizarre, atheistic sphere. I call Globalists “rounds” because they drive me round the fucking bend with all their lies about spheres. Balls to all of that!

As we all know, the moon landings were faked, and NASA mocked up pictures of a spherical earth using Photoshop. Communist bastards!

All of this was designed to stop us believing in the Flat God, the God of IKEA flat packs, known to history as Jesus H. Christ (“Flattie” to his friends), Lord of the Flat Dance (the flat version of Irish dancing).

The Round Earth Conspiracy - as I call the claim that we live on a spheroid - is promoted by Marxists, socialists, liberals, Jews and shape-shifting, pan-dimensional lizards (the cunning ones that create the fake mathematics that makes the sheeple believe the world is an oblate spheroid - as if Nature would go around flattening spheres … go learn some physics, dumb assess. Everyone knows that gravity presses everything flat - physics 101.) Hey, man, if we lived on a sphere, people in Australia would fall off, wouldn’t they? Fucking common sense. I mean, how can we and the Australians both be upright? If we’re the right way up, they must be upside down. Why doesn’t the blood all rush to their heads? Why don’t they just fall into space and float off? What, is some magic NASA force holding them in place? Don’t make me laugh. There’s nothing in the Bible about anyone living upside down!

The Democrat Pedophile Ring, which is addicted to round pizzas (Lucifera pizza, you can be fucking sure!), pulls all the strings in this country. NASA is their Marxist scientific wing. You’re only allowed to work for NASA if you’ve sacrificed a Christian virgin in the Democrats’ pedophile pizza joint in Washington D.C. Have you any idea how may Christian virgins go missing each year, and you can be sure that not all of them were abducted and anally probed by the reptilian Illuminati’s alien Ass Inspectors in their Nazi foo fighters (flying out of the Swastika Airbase in the North Pole, and powered by the vril energy of the Hidden Earth’s Black Sun, as we all know).

NASA is a fraud. It’s the research department of the Illuminati. Bolshevik bastards. All of the world’s governments are lying to us. They’re all in on it. There’s no such thing as “global warming”. How could there be? - there’s no globe, you dumb motherfuckers. 1 + 1 = 2, right? The Flat Earth is in perfect thermal equilibrium. If it wasn’t, our flat heads would spontaneously combust and be blown clean off our shoulders, wouldn’t they? But they don’t, ergo global warming is a liberal lie. It’s just Jewish bullshit invented by the Rothschilds to manipulate oil prices and provide the pretext to lay off Christian coal miners that voted Republican.

Rob Skiba, documentary maker of Archon Invasion: The Rise, Fall and Return of the Nephilim, said, “The bigger picture many of us have come to believe is that NASA is hiding God from us. That’s why they’re lying to us that the earth is round. To me, that would be the ultimate motivation.”

NASA is full of Jews, Marxists, shape-shifters and Democrat pedophile pizza lovers. Everyone knows it. Did you see Hillary Clinton during the election campaign? She fell over and started to lose her human form when they stopped giving her the serum extracted from the asses of the blonde, blue-eyed Christian virgins. That was a warning to her to push through the Pro-Reptilian Immigration Act asap. Did you know that the reptilian Stargate is in the basement of the Democrats’ pedophile pizza joint, right next to the women’s rest room and the bubble gum machine? Man, I wouldn’t touch one of these pizzas even if the Donald offered it to me. Me and the Donald know that only Big Macs are safe these days. No fucking fluoride in them, that’s for fucking guaranteed. Alex Jones said so, and he’s only been abducted by aliens once, hence is totally reliable.

The Earth is exactly like it says in the Bible - totally flat. And since God made us in his image then we’re obviously flat too, because why else would he have put us on a Flat Earth? Answer that one NASA, you commie Illuminati bastards.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dnitakuja kumaliza kusoma baadaye!


I am converted!


Until I see the ball sphere with my own 2 eyes, its a flat earth to me. Hio ingine ni theory mingi tu