Could have posted this in the Religious section lakini mimi sioni Kama hii ni maombi. Eti ya remove your ‘pandy’ ikaombewe.
From drinking rat poison,to eating grass, kuspray-iwa doom,to being locked in the freezer…
Are these people brain-washed when they do some of this stuff?

@Kihii Kiaganu spotted in the wild.

Kabla Moses aleft Egypt

madze christ is just shaking his head!!ata saitana anajua hii ni ujinga

na si mtu alisema ni movie

This is why many people are leaving Christianity because it has become a joke, a circus. In Islam this devil would be killed and rightly so for sacrilege. Sad.

Imagine yourself God for a minute, yeah? You walk in a certain morning and your assistant says: “Hello God. You have four requests to neutralise rat poison. Seven to bless dirty knickers. A man put fingers in a vagina in your name he needs you to confirm it was your will. And for some reason, a man in Kenya wants you to help him make everyone acknowledge his penis.”

I’d just walk away instantly.

“Gabriel, please head down there now and kick each of these niggers in the spine”.

This pastor and pastor Kanyari make me wonder why women are so gullible. Even the educated women still fall for these fake pastors

Hawa ni wale wanashida kibao hawawezi saidika ata saitan amewaogopa.

Huyu ni @culture na hapa ndio alipotelea.


And who told you it was wrong? we all came to this world naked. besides we all know whats under there

Would you allow your wife to do this?

yes, whats there to hide. we all know whats there

Hata kaa ni movie, it would still be an insult to God.Follow that link you check out those other crazy stuff pastors have been doing

suruali dem ako na kuma chafu amevua huwa na aroma tamu sana uki sniff .

:oops: I don’t even like the wife wearing yoga pants. You young cats are very different.

WTF, you have weird fetishes…:D:D:D

what is there to hide, if i may ask?

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