Shock when showering

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while in high school, we used to have cold showers. ukijipaka tu sabuni halafu uguze tap, mtu alikuwa anafeel ka shock kwa open wounds. My wonder was…kwani live wire imefungiliwa water pipes. what was the rationale

Nyinyi ni wale mulienda kibiriti boys mkioga maji baridi

kuoga na maji moto back then lazima ungekuwa na barua ya school nurse na dispensary prefect alikuwa akipimia watu maji moto kitchen kama dawa,no wonder kuoga na maji baridi ni nikiwa coast tu


People used to shower once or twice per week season ya baridi

yes the piping is connected to the earth wire so tiny leakage currents can cause small shocks on the wounds that are more sensitive

more interestingly, where did you have wounds?

Short Circuit somewhere touching the piping.

every shower i’ve used has some small shock…either kwa handle ya tap ama kwa maji yenyewe…sends shivers down my spine everytime i turn on the hot shower…death is anywhere n everywhere

The mukuna brigade

Depends whether the shower piping was done by Gi or ppr…if it’s G.i the whole earthing of the house should be done properly from the meter board…
And the shower head in both cases should be properly earthed too…ukingia shower uone two wires only instead of three kaa radar chances of being tekerenywad in case of leakage are very high…