Shock as Murang’a man rapes a cow, 90 year old granny and a 2 year old girl

Residents in Kiru Ward in Murang’a County were on Thursday shocked after a man raped a 90-year-old grandmother and defiled a 2-year-old girl barely two hours later.

According to residents, Samuel Thiong’o has been a nuisance in the area by committing such acts, with some residents telling Citizen Digital that he had been jailed for committing bestiality with a cow.

Thiong’o reportedly walked into the granny’s house and raped her, before proceeding to defile the two and a half year old girl, who is a neighbor to the grandmother.

“I came when I heard my grandmother screaming and found her naked and found him naked too, but he ran away,” said the grandson.

According to the girl’s mother, the suspect dragged her daughter to a forest where he defiled her soon after he had escaped from the granny’s house.

“He came and took my daughter to a forest and defiled her, I found her bleeding, and her genital organs have been hurt,” said the mother.

According to villagers, the suspect is in the habit of committing such act, with most of them calling for his arrest.

“The other day, we caught him with a cow along the road. He was taken to jail, but was later released,” said the owner of the cow.

Gacharage MCA, Julius King’ang’i, has called for the man be arrested and charged.

“We don’t want him here,” he said.

Elsewhere, a man in Busia County has been handed a life sentence for defiling a 2-year-old girl in Mayenje, Busia.

The man, identified as Geoffrey Ouma, is reported to have sexually assaulted his victim between February 2 and March 30, 2015.

The principle magistrate, Hannah Ndung’u, said that the evidence showed Geoffrey as the assailant.

Geoffrey has appealed against the ruling.



Some people should not be left to enjoy the oxygen we breathe.


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and I quote
“he came and took her and dragged her to the forest…I came and found her bleeding”
what the fucking hell were you doing letting him take her? it looks like you handed her to him you reckless mother

Something is up. Juzi kuna mtu alikuwa na mtoto wa 18months. Hapa pia kuna huyo George ako na 2 year old. Hesabu haiingii. Ni bangi inavutwa kwa sana.


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