Shitty Indian systems! How can this happen? Don't say that it is an accident!

[SIZE=6]More than 60 dead in India train disaster[/SIZE]
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A speeding train ran over revellers watching fireworks during a Hindu festival in northern India Friday, killing more than 60 people, with eyewitnesses saying they were given no warning before disaster struck.
The crowd had gathered on railway tracks in the city of Amritsar in Punjab state to watch a fireworks show marking the Dussehra festival when the train barrelled down the line at high speed.
“There was a lot of noise as firecrackers were being let off and it appears they (victims) were unable to hear the approaching train,” a police official said.

There are more than 60 dead. The priority now is to take the injured to the hospital," Amritsar city police commissioner S. S. Srivastava told reporters.
More than 60 people who were injured were being given emergency treatment at various hospitals across the city, he added.
TV footage showed crowds gathered around the venue where an effigy of demon king Ravana was set alight, exploding into a huge fireball.

One of the revellers, Mintoo, a migrant labourer who uses one name, told the Hindustan Times daily that he had no idea the train was approaching.
“It had become dark and everyone was watching the effigy go up in flames when the train suddenly appeared,” he said.
An eyewitness speaking to a local TV channel described scenes of “utter commotion” when the crowds noticed the train “coming very fast” towards them.

Everyone was running helter-skelter and suddenly the train crashed into the crowds of people," he said.
Another eyewitness said people were busy taking pictures on their mobile phones and “they were not given any warning that they should not stand on the tracks.”
Many who had climbed on rooftops for a glimpse of the action clapped and cheered as the fireworks exploded.
But the festive scenes soon turned tragic.
“I have lost my child, I want him back,” an inconsolable mother said, wailing and beating her chest.
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Pole kwao. Before you say shitty indian systems, are your country’s systems any better?

I belong to the holier than thou battalion!

There is no system that can save a determined idiot. Watu wachukue blanketi watandaze picnic pale sgr na familia? Bye bye.

sisi ni mungu tu

“they were not given any warning that they should not stand on the tracks.”

The vindeos of this tragedy is like watching Natural selection doing its best work.

First, why are people standing on an active railway track? Distracted and recording fireworks. The train had no functioning horn and the driver of the locomotive continued to ram people didn’t even attempt to slow the train until a few kilometers down the track.

The most ominous thing was how silent the train approached.


Or how loud the fireworks were

African shughulika na yako

We white-skins will take care of ourselves


Weka vindio hapa ama wacha tu!

It can happen anywhere a collective group of idiots gather.
In Kenya we have the stone throwers who like sitting in the rail tracks in kibra. You find someone seated on the tracks chilling, you wonder what they’re looking for.

indian trains are a disaster.



The more ngori images were scrubbed

Hence why I said Natural Selection doing its best work.

Stopping distance ya train ni ndefu sana…

Depending on track conditions. This train was traveling in a residential area so the speeds were limited to start.

In this instance, the driver would have seen the crowds when he was approaching hit the brakes and emergency brakes quickly slowing down the train.

And spared us idiots? Who sits on an active rail track? Of all the places to light fireworks kwa reli ndio waliona tuu?:oops::oops:

Mob justice could have ensued.