Nanok alikula hiyo county Kama Bibi wa tatu

hapo kwa 450 a day sio ukweli. Sopel ina population ya 600 people. Pesa ya wazungu ni tamu, ata ivo.

hio pesa ikuom elders

This why the health and higer education should be a reserve of the central government.

This will bring more equity to those counties that are under resourced in human and inventory.
Some of these counties do not even have a regiistered nurse. The nurse patient ratio in Kenya is 1:4600
Na mliona ma nugu wakipiga makofi ati uhuru amefanya kazi kwa kupatia mzungu wauguzi wetu rlfu tano wakati wa corona:mad:
While on it, how many men you know that have collapsed and died suddenly?
Thank your uhuru because a significant majority of those tasked with innoculating in Kenya cannot distinguish between an intra muscular/ intra venous injection which has exposed many healthy men to develop myocardatis of the myocardium when mRNA vaccine enters the bloodhpath!