shithole south africa

after aka’s death ndo nimekuja kujua mzansi is one shithole country huku kenya tuko afadhali isipokuwa tu we have brainless and corrupt leaders.

  1. mzansi is home to the highest numbers of aids pandemic. huko ukimwi unapewa kama maji. i have seen several videos of horny high school south africans ndo maana wanakufa na ukimwi kila wakati.

  2. south africa is home to xenophobic attacks. they keep blaming fellow africans for their problems forgetting that the people responsible for their problems are the boers and the the dutchmen.

  3. south africa is africa’s crime capital. crime happens anywhere in the streets of south africa. these people are daredevils who can even chase down a g4s vehicle transporting money. in 2015, davido was robbed at gunpoint in johannesburg and the robbers made away with $185,000 and two rolex watches. they were at a traffic light stop only for people to get off their bikes and brandished guns on davido’s face and his manager’s. these people even steal on broad daylight. crime in sa is so prevalent that there are places cops cant even step foot on. watch the documentary below.

Huko you drive in an armoured car, nyumbani armed guards and avoid public place s

-don’t announce your location to the rest of world
-avoid low iq bonobos they are more likely to be
jealous and do dumb shit without thinking of the consequences, maneno ya keeping it 100 itakuletea mashida za ujinga
-ukifika level ingine vumbistan sechurity ni kitu ya maana sana ,hire experts

The two are not necessarily related.
Tupa links lakini.

horny high school kids means too much raw sex translating to an increase in hiv infections.

Mandela…I Love the man too…but was the shittiest Prezzo…Can’t blame an erstwhile great human for breaking after 27 years of absolute torture…Stockholm syndrome should be more aptly renamed The Mandela Syndrome…TMS

lakini ile noma iko mzansi will need decades to resolve…the whole economy 95 percent is probably owned by the 5 percent mkoloni…who are 80 percent of the D- and will shoot to kill…

The poor low educated majority who are generations of apartheid and ukoloni…
Think their fellow brothers who they even call zama zama are their enemies…and will murder you thinking you zimbo or whatever

Not too far removed from Ojinga livestock…they are violent and ignorant… impervious to logic…and cause chaos blaming other brothers instead of working along them

mandela hakuna kitu alifanyia watu wake he was like a puppet being controlled by the white man. if you ask me, mugane did a solid job in helping his people.

When you want to teach in south africa Aids automatically becomes a conspiracy theory and you cant help it.


Not really good sir. Thats just an assumption

Noma sana… Alafu upate hizi shule ni mixed… Sijui hata walimu wanaume husomesha aje?

bwana @mnyambuo we dont allow child porn here ban huyu pedophile

I had a friend from Z.A who was visiting, tukiwa Nairobi tukakuwa tunapita polisi with guns strapped, others nje ya bank wengine Kwa street, the guy was very surprised, he says in satafrika it’s very rare to see a cop with a gun strapped in public, coz atapigwa ngeta

Ona huyu