Shithole Nigeria

I cringe every time I watch a feature on Nigeria. Ati this is Africa’s biggest economy, chei!! This is sooo embarrassing. Abeg, let’s just give the title back to SA. We keep bashing Arabs, but their management of hydrocarbon resources is light years ahead of oil-rich African countries.

they export crude oil and import refined, lack of transparency from the government agency and corruption. i wish nigerians stood together against gava

Is Kenya any better?

We export crude and import more crude…

Recently, I watched a documentary on train travel in Nigeria. Apart from the dilapidated train coaches with broken windows, the railway line is full of all manner of merchandise on sale which is removed when the train hoots and returned as soon as it passes. Kenya might have many systems that don’t work but we have yet to reach Nigerian level

The video actually states more Nigerians (as a percentage of the population) live below the poverty line than in Ethiopia and Kenya, two countries with insignificant mineral resources. Given Nigeria’s massive oil resources, we should be comparing it to other mineral-rich economies such as South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Many innovations are coming out of Nigeria,and if managed well they have a powerful human resource
Key word managed

The kind of looting that goes on in that country is on another level. They don’t even inflate project costs like we do here, they simply withdraw the money from public coffers, billions of dollars. I remember one time they set aside $16 billion to increase power output. In the end, they couldn’t explain where the funds had disappeared to, and the power output had actually reduced!!

Angaa kwa hio doc nimecheki a refinery finally coming up ya mzito Dangote.

Can you please share the link of the documentary.


Vietnam ni nomarest

Hehehe, these guys are jokers yaani. I didn’t see any sign of oil wealth in that video. Hawa watu wanaiba vibaya sana. Look at this video showing Cameroon’s efforts to fight Boko Haram. Cameroonian soldiers are armed with some serious weapons and equipment. At some point they arrive at the border with Nigeria, and Nigerian soldiers look like chokoraas. I bet some of them wish they were in the Cameroon army.

Yep, that’s why they for sure live much better anyway, but I do want to tell you this much on basically any level out there. How many of you need to be done on that many fields? Think that a lot of countries in Africa (not Kenya or Nigeria or SA) live much worse than you.

Some soldiers were even selling their weapons to Boko Haram. The Chadians had to step in and take the fight to Boko Haram. Nigerian soldiers would flee at the sight of BH

Apart from the football game and fashionable clothes, there is nothing good that comes out of that witchcraft-laden country.

And the way Nigerians are successful in the US. While many of our people struggle with small time CNA and truck gigs, Nigerians rule the corporate world, medicine, engineering, law, Ivy League black students ni nigerians tupu. All deans at Howard University in DC are of nigerian descent; which has been a source of friction with the African Americans.
You are very right though. The criminal element in naija’s govt makes Jubilee seem like a Nordic country.

Could be those Nigerians you bump into are sons and daughters or even grandkids of those thugs masqueraded as politicians crippling Nigeria’s economy. So basically they are beneficiaries of the proceeds. The same way out politicians and big wigs are schooling their offsprings abroad

Fractional distillation is not rocket science. Anyone with fire and drums can refine crude oils