Shithole doctors be warned.

Kenya to import 100 Cuban doctors. This shithole doctors who have a protest every two months will be replaced if they don’t want to work. Watajua hawajui.

How will the imported ones get payed yet the local onees u call shit holes have not been payed yet…?


we should not be paying anyone doing shithole job…

Kenyan doctors deserve this

The problem with Uhuru and his plans in health, is that he never thinks through what he’s doing. This is teh stupid thing he did with the machines he leased the other time. In some counties, those machines are rarely used. Now he wants to take specialists to hospitals that are struggling to even retain their GPs. Why can’t he take the specialists to the training institutions and to select hospitals?

The KMTC needs to be reformed and overhauled. The KU Referral hospital is yet to be opened just because of politics.

Operating a hospital of such magnitude is no joke, especially in terms of the resources needed. Why do you think UoN has never built one despite having the land all these years? Ile hesabu iko hapo (na sio ya ujenzi) sio mchezo.

Yep, I know someone who was sent by KU to source for the medical equipment needed in South Korea in 2016 and yet it has not yet been opened up to now.

osungu.dll file missing…

There is nothing difficult in operating such a hospital. Our culture of incompetence is what makes it seem like such a big deal. The hospital was supposed to start operations in 2015. How many hospitals have been built from scratch since 2013 and are going on. Nobody said that they need to start doing everything at a go. They can simply start with maternity, and then proceed to other departments. There’s no excuse there - just plain old incompetence.

Before devolution, there were 1,500 doctors in public hospital. I wouldn’t be surprised that in devolution there are more than 2000 by now. Let’s not even count the clinicians who are double that and they run the public hospitals while some doctors concentrate on the private clinics. So these doctors coming are too little to be an alarm to our doctors here. They are also paid by Cuban government while here even if its peanuts. We will only pay allowances and provide where necessary. I’m not sure about the 100 coming and 50 of our own going. I prefer to await communication from the CS himself rather than quotes from githeri media. Whatever agreement is done there will have to follow the CBA agreement signed and deposited in court. I know doctors union will wholly accept the offer from Cuba government to give our doctors fully paid post graduate studies training but they will need to see which positions the Cuban doctors will take up so that they approve or not.

I didn’t say difficult. Expensive.

There’s a huge difference between a referral hospital and a village clinic.

Kumbe Ole Itumbi ni villager huku!

Shida yetu is that we devolved health; pesa inatoka Treasury to the counties,but the governors prioritise eating of funds and ‘showy’ acts e.g. building clinics, over paying MO’s salaries and actually stocking said facilities with drugs and supplies. I have a good friend who’s employed by a county and listening to his stories scares me. The hospitals out there lack basics like gloves and disinfectant, doctors and clinical officers lack regular salary… Additionally, I was told that counties have not employed new doctors from the current crop of interns; while currently many counties are severely understaffed. Governors are shafting the public spectacularly.

Shhh! Unapiga kerere wewe!:cool:

A referalm hospital with only maternity???please note their is a course in medicine at Moi university where they fly in the lecturer from italy coz of shortages in personnel. dont they need all this factors in place before starting? this is how half baked doctors are created.

Sasa watakuja na equipment na vitanda zao ama juu that is a problem yet to be addressed

NV Kerri…
Halafu Osungu.dll inaanguka namna hii jameni, ulisoma chooni?

Umepokea the msg ama. ?
Akili ikikataa kuwork na wee ni msee mkubwa sijui plan yako ni gani in life