Shithole behavior Ngong road

See what matatu cartels can do to destroy good infrastructure established


Where are the police? Alafu kwani hakuna camera hio area?

No wonder tuliitwa Shithole country

The law should be passed anyone destroy public property to pay. Matatu ishikwe ilipe failure to that ikuwe auctioned.

Wakikaa kwa jam ni pesa inapotea

Hiyo ni boda boda sio matatu

They are m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ sorry manning Major roadblocks around the cuntry

Somebody please twit/pafebook Kenha. This must be stopped!

Those are caused by huge lorries and trailers that park on the sidewalk

Ongeza those flower and furniture sellers. They have destroyed the pedestrian walkway from junction to lenana

Some just dont Kenyans like good things. Lack of exposure to good thinks " infrastructure " could be a determinant.

Kenyans see this shit happening everyday yet you still call for police. Lazy and unpatriotic motherfuckers expect the government to fix everything. You are an able bodied man, stop crying for help like a woman and do things like a man. Instead of asking where the police are you should be asking how we can come together to stop this shit

price ya lanyez sabina joy ikoaje skuizi?

Dont you need to report and prosecute to have the destroyed public property repaired at the destroyers cost? ama how would you make them pay? Tell us your emminence

Ngong Road is under KURA

Guka bado hujabebwa na hii Corona strain ya India?

Africans they never learn

Nitumie kakitu ninunue dentures…

Hapa ni wananchi wachukue sheria mikononi mwao na wachome hizo matatu