Shit about to hit the fan...someone will be PEPSI soon: Kesses MP and Ruto ally Swarup Mishra linked to Shakahola organ trafficking ring


A member of the National Assembly allied to Deputy President William Ruto has been roped into a kidney smuggling ring involving his medical company, Mediheal Group of Hospitals.

According to a report by The Standard, Kesses MP Swarup Mishra, on the evening of Friday, January 17, vehemently denied the claims doing rounds on social media.

I knew si njaa pekee ilikua inaedelea huko shakahorror, @Karoga akiokolewa atatushow what happens kama hawajamng’oa transformers already since as mgtow he doesn’t need them

Dollar accounts about to be frozen

Ruto anaingia wapi hapa…huyu ni former MP na Ruto made him lose his seat, how is he an ally

I say, Kiongozi, why must you spoil a juicy story? Wakati mwingine wachanga watu wajibambe!!

95% of wealth is crime. Kwa wengi wewe ni pesa sio mtu. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

I said here that Mishra is a criminal. I came to know Mishra in 2005-2007 when he had bought pacifica hospital and renamed it Mediheal hospital in Eldoret. Before that, he used to run an abrtion clinic at mwalimu plaza in Eldoret town. Every delivery at mediheal was through CS back then because then he could get more money. Rumour at the time was that he is not even a doctor.

Okay. I only came to know him juzi juzi. How rich is he to the point he won a sit in Eldoret?

He made a lot of money at mediheal eldoret through those deceptive prectices like unneeded cs deliveries because nyeuthis in Eldoret liked his hospital simply because he had brown skin. Yet for those CSs, he relied on nyeuthi doctors from MTRH. Becuase of the polarisation at the time, he used to demonise kikuyus at every opportunity so that he could endear himself to Kalenjins and all sub-ordinate staff were kalenjins

Mishra Ako na kitambi kubwa hawezi ona dicc

A good advice to your children ama hauna wewe ni walking dead kwa hizi street ?:smiley:

Na nini walikosana na jambas?

Uhuru was squeezing everyone connected to Ruto. Mishra had to defect ndio asimalizwe.

Mishra is not only an Indian but a Gujarati. He is from same Region as Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister.

This opens the floodgates for campaign finance from wealthy indians especially those allied to the ruling BJP Party and it’s Hindu Nationalist Agenda.

Through being close to Uhuru Mishra struck deals in Uganda and elsewhere.

Mishra performed extremely well as an MP. He did so much from his own pocket for wananchi. They really regret voting him out.

Hiyo mshahara ya Bunge was one days income for him. He largely used it to assist constituents. He would write cheques mpaka kitabu iishe on a weekend.

He also had many aides whose only job was sending MPESA.

Fellow MPs fawned over him ili wapate kakitu ya weekend.

Female MPs really like him. Alikuwa anawachunga poa sana.

Nikikumbuka io mediheal inanijoma kapisa. Deni ya mgonjwa pages and pages amounting to 4M. Damn, na waka sema tulipe ndio tumpewe.


You say this like it’s a bad thing?

Niaje Mishra,

Umejitetea ukiwa upande gani??

Looks like alikua escort ya panjeet Mishra ati anajiita kiprop. Good riddance to that curry muncher na tuseme never again

Hubwaa maiti wewe