Shipping via DHL

He is s doctor, but his specialty is postmortems.

Bado wataka usaidizi?


wazi. Derailment

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Depends on what it is. Inbox at the top of the page.

Wachana na hawa. Emailed SavoStore yet?


kitambo. ukdukas has given me problems though. They don’t have a category for electronics in their calculator. Just, clothes, shoes and kitchen stuff.

As long as you’re buying from a UK website, no problem. Send them the link in similar fashion to SavoStore.

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That was a while back…huko 2005 i moved on

its mostly risky and its like a con game especially if you get a ripper… he will just drain your account though check facebook there are some trusted carders by some group members you can give it a try :smiley:

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I tried Savostore but i was being charged 10k for a handful of cosmetics :frowning: too expensive

Airfreight is expensive, I suppose.

I’ve found these guys and so far their price seem the cheapest if shipping from germany
From their calculator, I will pay €41 for 4kgs. air Freight. Which translates to about ksh.4100. I don’t think I’ll get a better deal. The cost is inclusive of handling and customs.[ATTACH=full]3149[/ATTACH] maoni?


Seems like a trustworthy company. They even went ahead to make a video on how to get your stuff.
Disclaimer: video has a german accent, lakini naskia tu ni ile kutweng’ ya 6months uko. He’s very clear there are no hidden charges. They also ship twice a month via air and once a month via sea! Man, acha ntakua experiment nilete uhondo. Nikilia si mutanirefund

Next shipment date air is 13th this month


mbona usitumie G4S ama Wells fargo??

Netbeans, Eclipse, codeblocks, visual Studio kwani unaunda os?

Nitafute got guys.who does it waria wa jamia

Bro. i am a carder you can trust i can show proofs also!

there are carders in kenya. i am one u can trust. i can show proofs also.

leta proof!

Njoo facebook Ras-Moatz nikuonyeshe ma proofs hapa ngumu ku upload photo!!

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