Shipping via DHL

I have a package I’m buying from ebay and the seller says, they ship via DHL, costing about $37 for the shipping. The Item’s price is just under $50. Watu wa KRA wataleta shida? Nani anaweza saidia?

I trust the seller.

DHL hawajui ku-deal na KRA. Ushuru ni lazima.

Man. Tell me you know someone. Ata kama ni mwenye anarudi akule io shipping

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Unfortunately, none at the moment. Personally only use DHL for items needed urgently or those that are valuable and/or delicate.

I’ll have to ship it to China and have someone come with it. That’s over a month though. Third world problems.:oops::oops:

This so true, try African Salihiya or Salihiya cargo, they are in Esleighe/ Isili

Poleni. Been there and I know how it feels. Why and how posta kenya doesn’t see these opportunities beats me.:confused:

Those dhl fellows made me pay over 20k duty for books worth 12k, just because they had an accompanying CD which I never needed in the first place.

o_O Siungesema watupe io CD:D

Hii biashara ya madildo ni mbaya sana

4 Likes je? Pardon my ignorance.

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Thanks man. Acha I request a quote nione. Will they deal with KRA?

i wish kenya kungekua na carders
shopping for free is way too much funn

mimi kuna wakato nilijaribu kuimport a brick making machine from shaina…nika enda posta kuona kama wanaeweza saidia…hiyo process ni more expensive kuliko kwenda china ununue na urudi nayo…ikabidi nifunge hiyo biashara…lost opportunities

Yes theyl give the breakdown.

saw this shit on The Deep Web. Was afraid to try. Just seemed too good to be true. Ever gotten one? How was it

si tutengeneze kachama ivi coz naona tuko wengi Thn we.send guy uko machuu.atuletee izo mzigo,tunaeza tuma Lola ama brown kate

Been using them for a while now. The quotation given is usually net of everything. Very reliable fellows if I may add. If purchasing from UK, there’s

If Posta was expensive, why not try other alternatives including Salihiya?

Btw @Luther are u a real doc.ama ni title tu
… i have an issue i guess u can help