I’m shipping these coin slot gaming machine at 80k only. Advance payment of 50% and the rest on delivery.
Free delivery to any part of Kenya. If interested hit my inbox. cc @Kingwendu@sludgist
[ATTACH=full]41628[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]41629[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]41630[/ATTACH]


How does one get a gambling license in kenya?

Talk to BCLB.

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I’m not very sure but will do the research. But as long as unapatia karao wa area za macho all should be fine.


Hizo coins zitabuy Range??

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I am also selling this:

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unauza ama wewe ni brocker juu naona iko olx.

ni nini cnt see well

I just saw the ad on OLX and realized that people still believe ile stove ya pressure inaweza uzwa mbirions.

It is a 1959 1-cent coin. I think it is called “thendi” or “king’otore” in greek.

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There is a chinku who was importing these machines and then setting them up in Low income areas in partnership with shop owners charging 20 bob a game…Watu walikuwa wana crowd hapo by a few hours imejaa anakuja kutoa coins

still happening, is his name Yan/Yang?

Hi ni kama ile quail phenomenon interest inaka a month or two alafu inakuwa useless box


casino zishawai isha watu kweli?

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haha SH400K. Ndoto zako not valid.

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