Shipping from US

Please suggest other companies to ship with other than savostore and kentex which might be cheaper ? There is an item (laptop) costing about 50k and savotore are charging me about 17k to ship it, i have bought items before with them but it never used to be this expensive

it can’t come via posta and you see the posta guy nicely?

Have you tried
They claim that they charge $15 for delivering a phone to Kenya.

Hapa shida ni volumetric weight, hio box ya laptop plus delivery box ya Amazon is what is making that shipment expensive

I think posta might even be more expensive

@john_doe ongea na huyo supplier akutumie kama spares parts halafu you assemble wewe mwenyewe. Hapa utakuwa ume ua ndege wawili na jiwe moja. That is KRA na KenTex.

Dealt with vitumob couple of times over the past 3 years and they have never failed to deliver. Not on laptops but general {cheap) products, not as expensive as a laptop. Just google them and call them(tell them your situation), and make your decision on the same…my two cents

Have them repackage the laptop otherwise utagongwa bei vibaya sana.

Looks shady nimeona watu wakilia sana on their fb page

Kenfreight. Shipped 10kg bog volume last month . Charges 17k

Try Rolling Cargo look them up on Google see if they can help . Alternatively Kenya Air Cargo you can request quotes first and then compare with other options .

Do they clear duties on your behalf.

Everything is included

Where are they located iko siku Aramex wameniumiza Sana. Pia KenTex si wabaya charge 15 USD. Item over 200 USD 5% insurance fee.

Yeah that amount is inclusive of all the charges

I will check them out

could it be @john_doe = @airconditioned

Are you sure that it’s not some sort of error or so ? There is obviously something damn wrong with that. Have you tried usual post ? FedEx ? DHL ? EMS ? UPS ? What else, they all have calculators and website and support, please try them for sure.