shiny eyes girl

there is a girl that ive got a liking for but she is shiny eyes what should i do

Just dim yours and you’re both a perfect couple. Like on coming traffic during the night.

hii ndio inaitangwa teno(10-0)niroo.


hii lazima utuchoree boss…Epic reply

Hahaha only in ktalk


Tribalism Alert!

Nafikiri tunasengenywo!

Like seriously:D:D:D:D
Wacha nikalale.

Hii ndio mnaitanga two slaps and a sweep?

@Chloe please be reminding me to check whether you are online before nipost upus…wueh.

Ouch. The only comeback hapa ni a new handle…preferably with a new gender. Goose bumbs

Upus question.

some people are fascinated by sh*t. though they recoil at the very idea of eating it they still smell their used tissue and shake their head…


@Chloe- 2016

SV ningekuita dump lakini chloe did it for me

@introvert , njoo na ile itaguruma haraka

I had run underground after my brawl with @Bingwa Scrotum, but he eventually realised the mistake and we kinda had a truce. I am back now.

Hehehe… ‘Dump’ is legal tender. :smiley:

two hot slaps and a sweep and @Chloe drops mic!

…and did you come back from the gym?..your have totally destroyed the sperms above.