shiny eye


Nice one but that a bit stupid, after buying the milk, the transport, process and pack and lastly get it to the consumer.
I guess 50bob per litre would be something, but I don’t know the dynamics involved

Not every post by any lunatic on social media is worthy of analyzing.

ukweli inauma naona:D:D:D:D:D

they are now killing kcc ever bought milk from kcc of late? ni maji tupu t
Kenyatta family is brilliant in business, they do all dirty things they are killing KQ now so that they bail it out and take over

Kwangu we buy KCC gold crown. It’s only 5/= more than regular KCC milk
I really hope Kenyans can realise that KCC is owned by the government

The company, formerly known as KCC, was mainly owned by farmers’ cooperative societies up to 1999 when it went under receivership.

It was then bought for Sh475 million by a private group, which rebranded it in 2000. In 2003 after Mwai Kibaki took over as president, the government bought it and renamed it New KCC.