shiny eye bishop arrested for fake covidcure

A Kenyan bishop who is based in the United Kingdom was on Tuesday, August 17, arraigned in a London court for selling a fake COVID-19 cure.

Climate Irungu Wiseman who has lived in London for years appeared before the Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court and was charged with fraud and unfair trading offences.

He was arraigned before the Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court.

Irungu is accused of selling a liquid that was described in the courts as a concoction which he gave to his followers in the church and told them that it would cure Coronavirus.

According to his charge sheet, he packaged a mixture of hyssop and cedarwood inside a small bottle and sold it to members of his church at Ksh13,000.

“He told the followers that the medicine would protect, heal and ensure one does not contact the deadly coronavirus,” his charge sheet read in part.

The clergyman who is also the head of the Kingdom Church in Camberwell- police are also in possession of videos where he is encouraging people to purchase the medicine.

This irrefutable proof that climate change is real…

Hope they lock up that moron

Lock him up along with the fools that believed him and bought the concoction.

No no don’t punish the fools, they were well within their reasoning abilities

A few months in jail or a big fine then the UK border force will start going through his passport.

And rightly so

But,will climate change…his ways

He is a Bishop, and was fertile… vis a vis the word of God…
Climate change imemgonga akakuwa Arid…

I know the dude, he has mentored Akina muiru and a few pastors.

A wise man he was not