Shiny Eye Ameshikwa



they have interrogated him better than our Kenyan cops

Nimekiri, nimekiri:D

LMFAOO :D:D:D. Wish I was there, shika mshiny eye and stand him up. Wekelea two hot steaming slaps to his face followed by a direct double legged sweep. Once down kanyaga kanyaga a ghasia like matope. Ma’fwakin sh!t

:D:D This chap is asking to be forgiven while forgetting that his actions were harming someone. Good interrogation work

Kijana you must now join your colleagues in shimo la tewa.

Tuweke hii story ya mwizi kando kwanza and if you dont mind please explain your hate for one tribe coz maybe your hate is justified and genuine probably we can learn a thing or two and also hate them

Ninapeleka kwa njagi ananipea four fifty

:D:D Lakini angalia all the way to Mombasa, Antony Kariuki. Akifika hivi tu kazi ni kuzunguka tu akiiba.

On the flipside kuna Kariuki pia amefungua kinyozi au duka hio mombasa its just that one Kariuki hataki kuchoka

Njagi akijua ahame leo usiku

The same way your people always vote for a presidential candidate from your tribe and no other since independence… Ukabila tu.

Chapa, chapa kama burukenge!

Criminals always want you to sympathize with them and understand that life dealt them a shitty hand but they never have that sympathy when they’re violating you. Wacha aende Shimo la Tewa achunishwe sukuma na wakali kwanza. The only problem is if he survives the sentence he will come out ten times worse than before.

huyu ni mkamba

Mickey mouse thread haiko,weka tena