shinny-eyes and kq!

najua tunawatch game so sitaki kuwasumbua, but for those not watching the game, whats your input on the below? otherwise lets discus this kesho.
cc @Okiya , @Jirani @spear @Meria Mata @Nattydread @Swansea


Kabila yetu inamaliswa

Unfortunately, no one will be jailed and they may run for elective seats and be voted for

Already this is lost glory. Sadly No one is going to be held accountable for this and thats the Kenya for we.

This is where now if Boniface mwangi is what he says he is, a kenyan superman, should lead a corruption demo about the these guys. Ooh am wrong, shiny and dim eyes only demonstrate about electoral stories.

Na hii ya 001, sioni shining eyes kwa list.
Dim eyed alisema eti ni pesa ya Chama.

Huyo Ibrahim Kondoo ni MCA wa ward gani? oh Kipevu…

Na hakuna shiny eyed hapo

Patrick Simuyu si mimi. Mimi si mwis.
Another thing this MCAs stole 70,ooo shillings. At KQ the amounts were 398 million.