Shingo Mother vs Abortee

What would you rather:
Option 1: A shingo mother who has ‘just’ one kid
Option 2: Or a woman who ‘has no kids’ but has had 3 abortions?


How do you know that the “shingo” mother hasn’t had 3 abortions too??

hata hivyo ndio nilikuwa najiuliza @Quanstrom


Sijui huyo ni nani. Lakini hilo swali mimi hujiuliza sana juu people assume that madame hawana watoto bado especially over 23 ni abortion experts, lakini wenye single mothers ni wasafi kama pamba which is utter bullshit. The fact is hauwezi jua kama dame ametoa mimba, whether she is a single mother or not. Kwanza naonanga single mothers have a higher likelihood ya kutoa ball after the first kid juu hawataki kublunder tena. They already know the hard life ya kulea mtoto alone, so when they get knocked up again abortion lazima because they no longer trust men.

Sasa hizi ni nini?
What business do u have if a woman has abortion or is singo mother.
Piga kitu kaa umepita

Many of these single mothers are from the ‘pro-life’ caravan. That is why, in spite of having the option to abort, they choose to have the babies. From there onwards, she’s careful with contraception. The abortee, on the other hand…

Certainly not badoo bitchez. That’s why you cunt relate

And you have valid statistics to prove that, or is it just what you think?? You need to stop burying your head in the sand. I know that you have spotted a single mother somewhere, and you came here to rationalize and justify the obvious bad decision you want to make. My advice is, take her and learn from experience. The village could use hekayas from time to time.

Wewe endelea kulamba miguu ya wanawake in the name of " game". Begger

About single mothers, look at it this way:
Unaeza oa mwanamke ako na mto mmoja. Akaja kwako, akazaa watoi wengine watatu, wote wako.
Or unaeza oa mwanamke hana mto. Akaja kwako, akazaa watoi watatu, na wote hakuna wako.
Single mothers take the men who accept them very seriously.

Again, nani amekwambia single mother hawezi kuzalia watoto sio wako??? Uko na assumptions mingi sana za upuzi.

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