Shiney eye caught red handed-Transeleshen required

Shiney eyes wanakuanga weakness yangu sijui nitaondokeaje hizi pepo


Upussy tu

Mimi ni yero yero mali safi with meat in the right places, at that moment cd inakuwanga persona non granta banae

Ndio hii link mzito.
Nyonga pole pole bila fujo. Nunua Arimis chupa mzima, I understand the weekend is going to be long

If you don’t get rich your daughters will be like this…they will buy those expensive weaves/bags/shoes somehow…by sleeping with your agemates. And before you morons misinterpret this comment, getting rich does not guarantee that they won’t become hoes, it only reduces those odds.

Your daughter, at 22, is going to need that bag and she will get it one way or another. The clock is ticking :smiley:

Huyu si ni first born daughter wa @ChifuMbitika

The father she’s talking about is @ChifuMbitika

Alete number elders wasongeshe mileage ifike Timbuktu

Once hooked up with a random chic… In the morning she asked for ksh. 5000…told her sina… But would send her later…

Asked me for cab money… Told her… I’d drop her… Her destination was some Porsch resident Hapo near Runda water…

Asked her what’s the deal… Said wazazi don’t give her enough cash…

My family friend (a chic) tukikuja campo alipewa peanuts na baba yake…mimi pia nilipewa peanuts. Our dads walituambia tupitie kwa local tukiishia Nai kuchukua pocket money (nilikuwa first year). Baba yangu akaambia baba yake akuwe serious juu asipompea pesa atazipata vingine (I eavesdropped)…by the time tunafika Gilgil alikuwa ametumiwa 5k extra and that was the standard going forward. Kukuwa mgamu kwa msichana is playing with fire.

Ukinyima daughter pesa atauza k#ma. Ukinyima son pesa atajua kuhustle ajitegemee. Same action, but totally different outcomes. Adversity builds men but destroys women.

Very ugly plastic looking biitch

Njaruo huwa wanapenda hii rangi sana. Wakiona tu hivi wanajiskia kusema, “Beby can I buy you a drink or give you my Mercedes.”

Lakini akiona black beauty Awinja sura inabadilika. Roho inachafuka.



Sidindi gey heshimu mzee na sio tafadhali

Advise from Jacqueline Waruinge who is a post wall 35 years old childless feminist kama makena
Mimi naona

@patco ulikataa salamu zangu kabisa.

@Jimit Millennium Odongo with his “Jaws of Life” :D:D:D:D

The jaws are specially adapted to grind sharp fish-bones to powder :smiley:

Reminds me of the Chris Rock stand up where he said that as a father, his main job is to keep his daughter away from the pole. :smiley:

Sidindi geyyy:D:D:D:D

How much is enough? Kama ni wa kupeana atauza tu!

Read my post before that juu nilikuwa najua bonobos like you will start misinterpreting my post.

Tiktok imejaa wenda wazimu. Crazy people all over the world

It must be the number 1 time wasting app on earth. There are some depraved souls on tiktok.
Hata twitter wame copy paste tiktok format of scrolling videos juzi