Shiney eye ameosha madhee

So today at 2pm I rush to co-op Atm to make a withdrawal of some cash that I would lend to my friend. Jamaa anasema junior high school nikama kujoin form one, requirements ni mingi.

So I get into the Atm booth, I find an aged mama doing a transaction on one and I move to the second. I plug in my card but the ATM ejects it out. By now the mama has completed her transaction and she is counting bundles of cash, I estimate it was around 100k.

I move to the 1st ATM, conduct my transaction and when am about to leave she makes a request to help her check her balance. She plug her card and after few command I point to her on the screen to see her balance. She suggests I tell her since she can’t see clearly. “436,502” I tell her.

She mumble to herself “pia hii mwezi hajaweka yote” she then makes a call and in loud speaker talk kisapere with the guy on the other end. The guy talked alot of sap and the only word I grasped is headlight 50k. The lady hunged up and looking disappointed she said “Hawa watoto wananisumbua, ntatafta caretaker”

I surmised that the lady has rentals and probably the son is tasked to collect rent and deposit into account.apparently from her balance nikama anakafunga vizuri but the son anamgonga every now and then.

Mama mzee wa 90 years ako karibu kudedi pesa anakatalia afanyie nini?

Ni jasho yake bana

A ATM machine can disburse 100k in a single day transaction? I thought there’s a daily cap.

Flow with the story. It is about shiny eye bashing.

Some can.

Yes, unaweka tu limit yako

Akidedi very soon sii bado tuu kijana atatomba pesa?

sidhani ni son i think ni stubborn tenant analipa rent less than agreed .

Kweli nimehakikisha hauna degree.