Shine Eye construction shortcuts


The issue could be the flex that carries the waste out. It normally should have seals, but some guys don’t bother putting the seals, so smell seeps through. If it were coming through the pipes, it would be unbearable. Check the seals.


Please illustrate with a diagram, bado sielewi…ama ni physics ilinipita

Mchina alikuja na cheaper alternative an expandable pipe like thing which doesn’t hold back any water.

Aiii vent pipe inakuwa ndio down pipe ya waste…thats fucked up. R

Wacha niite Ole kaparo

kindly go to details

The point of my text was the last statement. You could most probably be the problem and not how the house was constructed. I don’t want to stereotype.

The pipe @gashwin is referring to is called a p-trap.

Nikama kusema ukinyamba kwa swimming pool hizo bubbles zitakuwa absorbed…

nyumba ikinuka mnyambo ni wewe unanyamba nyamba sana

or rather a p**** trap.

yaani jamaa ashageuziwa :D:D:eek::eek::eek::smiley: