shimon Perez is dead

Former Israeli prime minister is dead…

Rip mzee

Na wewe utaondoka lini uwache kusumbua?

Stupid mofo

That’s too low for you … @admin ,I don’t take this kindly.

Unafurahianga bad news sana.

Kana Massacre War Criminal.
May he rest in shit.

The only good Israeli is a dead one. Never liked those ma’fuckers.

Ni kusema leo ako pere shimoni apende asipendez

Shh @Acoustic asikuone

No love for child killers and oppressors of the weak.

Yule Perez wa Arsenal kina lake lengine ni?

Umesahau to quote Bernie Mac.

Good riddance to the Zionist pig. Rest in Piss.

May he be restless in hell

chungeni battalion ya africans whose purpose is to defend the “chosen tribe” watawakujia. To them, any Israeli is much better than them even their own children come second to an Israeli. Pathetic

Mathafaking war criminal!

RIP Shimon Peres. Well deserved Winner of a Nobel Peace prize

loooooooooooooooong over due,asalimie Osama bin madeni.

May his soul RIP