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Uganda ni kunoma[ATTACH=full]280943[/ATTACH]

Blame it on MGTOW nonsense

He discovered the wife was a man alipoambiwa ageuke … ni zamu yake ya kulishwa “Zucchini”…

he knew this even before the wedding…must have test driven

I think he knew.


Ilifika wakati wa imam kugeuka achimbwe akadinda. Tunajua.

The “Ninja wife” was jumping fences and stealing from neighbors…so when “she” was arrested there was a routine body check by a female cop who found out the the Imam’s “wife” had bigger balls than the Iman…Sad.

Hamuoni hiyo ni Daily Mail?

Europeans are always criticizing the Ugandan government for homophobic policies and laws. The article is just trying to demonstrate that despite the government’s disapproval, homosexuality thrives in Uganda. How does a man marry then discover that his wife is a man a week into the marriage? A WEEK!

I think hii ni fake.

alijua ni chali from day one so alipofumaniwa akimla dume mwenzake thutha akadai hakuwa anjaua ni chali,huyo imam nikashoga tu

chenye nauliza ni who was suspended ? who discovered who was a man ?

so the mosque suspended him after he told them his wife was a man ama ?

bulshit news

Hii tuliona last decade.