Shikwekwe. Come closer. One second.

When a woman like this here, a mother figure says this thing was stolen and that Democrat agents walked up to her thinking she’s a fellow Democrat and told her they are there to turn the state blue wewe jua tu hii kitu iliibiwa. But of course the Democrat judges will see it differently.

Na tena she is a poll worker not some outsider or observer.

So how I understand this is that that Maricopa county in Arizona is red.

But if you came in to vote, ulikuwa unaambiwa you can’t vote because they know wewe ni MAGA… but someone who mysteriously just moved in from Wisconsin two weeks earlier is allowed to vote. And many of these new citizens are all Democrat voters including a homeless man. :D:D:D

Inaonekana Democrats walikuwa wamejipanga kweli kweli.

In short someone like @Bottoms could vote early somewhere else e.g Texas or California and then move to Arizona two weeks before the election. On Election day you show up with a fake story that you just moved into the county, and the lady upstairs allows you to vote a second time. She has a list of who is who.

And of course you don’t have blue indelible ink on your finger that verifies you voted early. Swing states were the main target.

Biden won Arizona by 11,000 votes. I can imagine 11,000 people On a mlolongo greyhounds on the way to vote in Arizona from Texas two weeks before the election. Or were they on American Airlines.

How come they didn’t accidentally recruit Republicans. The way Republicans are mezeshas. It would have been on the news paka Accra, Ghana.


They were also passing ballots twice, thrice etc through the scanner among other tactics. Including simple ballot stuffing with fake mail in votes.

The reason for the huge vote dumps when the count was stopped was because they first had to know how many votesTrump had gotten on voting day and then do the dump. The dumps were very exact figures in the swing states. They didnt want to risk dumping too little or too much. It became complicated when they realized that Trump hard way too many votes. That’s when they started rescanning ballots 3 or 4 times to catch up.

They also robbed Trump of some votes and outrightly gave them to Biden!

And the hoodlums doing all these are mainly black Americans. And they were extremely hostileto Republican poll watchers.

They were assisted in many cases by heavy set black American police clearly visible in polling centers where Gop observers were thrown out. The videos are online. The black sisters would call “911” and the bouncers would show up.

Like I have said before the white man uses the black man to do his dirty work.

In some cases the gop observers were actually democrats pretending to be gop.

That’s way too easy to catch. Why can’t Trump find voters who were scanned twice in various counties. A simple excel spreadsheet and a high school kid can spit results in 10 minutes.

Can u also remind him trump said he will turn the country red and the only way he would lose is to be rigged out. Coming from someone who idolises dictators its quite telling what his plans are. I only pity his gullible supporters who are dumb as fuck

There’s requirements to produce credible video evidence. Watching a video taken in one angle can produce a different conclusion by another person watching from a different angle. If such videos are evidence of a crime ( ballot stuffing is a crime by the way), where is the police report. As you know, Arizona is Republican state. The Sherrifs and head of PDs are racist republicans. There’s no way they can let such little evidence slide.

All this is fine and good except…they don’t want to testify in court! Wanahepa because they will be under more scrutiny na uongo zao have real consequences. Thats why they choose congressional hearings.

When they go to court, they don’t present any evidence because false evidence has consequences. That is why their cases are quickly dismissed. No evidence!

Just to clarify, whatever is going on is not court, it is a congressional hearing where opinions are allowed and investigations start. Nothing said and done there has much consequence.

Akina Rudi wanatumia hio because not many people know the difference lakini they can’t dare do what they are doing there in court.