Africa Spirits used to pay 150 million monthly to KRA, before troubles began. So far, Kenya has lost over 1.2 billion, because operations are grounded, and the normal 150 million cannot be paid without operations.

DPP will eventually lose the case, but the country will have lost 150 million multiplied by the number of months operations are grounded.

The workers are not getting any salaries during this period.

After all debits and credits, the final account will favour Kariuki, and the government and its citizens will have lost.

Because of a DPP who is being used to settle political and business scores.

Kesi ya Keroche DPP alikataa kuleta evidence pia.

Watu walipe tax… you is same nigga who is always calling out the government for not doing shit but when someone who has supposedly evaded paying taxes amounting to billions is prosecuted you term it as settling political scores… ! You is fucking ridiculous.

Ghassia tombwa mkia na Ruto but ulipe tax

its not about tax. atapea agents wa uhuru chenye wanataka mashida zimuondokee, lakini si tax. kra haina shida na yeye, inatumiwa kama nyundo kutuanga yeye hadi acooperate. juzi tu Hassan Joho alikua tax evader. Leo ni mweupe kama pamba na hakulipa kra. ni siasa.

Ata Duale alikua anaongea sana hadi Uhuru akimsalimia hapo airport akasema " Jambo…i hear you have unfinished business with kra?
Duale “everybody must support BBI,” ivo tu mashida zikamuondokea.

NIC na CBA walead by example.

A gazette notice by a certain minister exempted the president from taxes on income derived from use of his own farm. meaning brookside does not pay tax.

Fund your reasoning is strange. At least in the Kenyan context.

meaning brookside does not pay tax.

Substantiate wacha kuropokwa ovyo ovyo.