Shida za plot...Watoto na baruti


Juvenile rant. They will learn the ways of this world soon.


Upuss…though iyo part ya government ya Kenya kuwa corrupt ni right sana…the kids peroz can actually sue for the kids being held in a cell with adults.

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Hawa ni watoto wa Umoja, wajuaji sana.

  • boy needs a little corporal punishment
  • the govt of Kenya is NOT corrupt!! Kenyans are…

Very poorly brought up kid. To the extent anaambia an adult on recording eti ako na umama…


Wacha kujifanya, you never talked bad about an adult back in 1900? It’s not like he said to his face.

@uwesmake ona clichy


Good point but did you record yourself? “Anonymous” recordings make people very brave until they start spreading like wildfire. Wacha ashikwe…


That boy sounds like a candidate for ‘spraying by Hessy’ 4 years from today.


The products of single mother households. (You heard me right!..)
I appreciate women and the diversity of the causes of broken homes but one thing is for sure, a woman cannot raise a man. Nefa!
Wanawake hamuoleki na hamuambiliki but before you decide to deny you son access to his father, think ,think and think again.


[LEFT][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)]He talks about his dad working at IPOA and then KRA. So no single( abandoned )mom here.
Let the young boy rant in peace. Nothing wrong with that. New generation of kids. The world is free and unabated for them to conquer. After all, isn’t this what the internet is supposed to achieve. Unadulterated information. Somebody forgot to tell him it is wrong to blast firecrackers but now he knows.[/FONT][/LEFT]


Hardly can he get to 25yrs…

Whereas his rights as a child may well have been violated in the manner in which he was placed in custody, what that little cunt does not know is that:-

  1. Section 193 of the Penal Code prevents any person from making loud noises or offensive or unwholesome smells in circumstances as to annoy any considerable number of persons in the exercise of their common rights. The Code prescribes imprisonment for a year upon conviction.

  2. There is a horde of other laws including the Environmental Management and Cordination Act, the Explosives Act and the National Police Service Act, that come into play when dealing with firecrackers and nuisance and which obligate the police and other authorities take action.

  3. The fact that his rights were violated does not absolve him from criminal responsibility under the law.

  4. Yeye ni mtoto. Awache ujinga ya kujaribu kusumbuana na serikali over stupid things. Hatashinda.


You may not believe this but there are many respectable people who were raised by single women. Wapo.


Watoto wacheze na baruti, we all did that as kids time ya Christmas. Mwache kujifanya hapa


Kijana speaks his mind, but he needs to be sensitive to his neibaz, enda lipua baruti huko kwa quarry. If i have a toddler kwa hao and ur busy lipuing your barutiz tutakosana hakuna umama hapo…i rem when growing up we lived in woodly area baruti zilikuwa available only during diwali period. After that zinapotea and we used to go lipua them huko jamuhuri and kwa railway line mahali hakuna watu…i rem there was a shop hapo adams pekee that used to sell them… Siku hizi baruti unanunua kwa base ya ps games…


Well said, not just boys, even girls raised by single mothers don’t fit in the society the way they should. Every household NEEDS a man as the head of the family.

Remember who is issuing that advice has planted his live nut in a plethora of bishes.

Experience is the best teacher, not sure but I think he was also raised not 100%. Need I say more?

Even diwali celebration you have to notify the authority that you’re going to use fireworks in a certain region , with alkebabs all over may take advantage of it munafikiri ni baruti kumbe majamaa wanalipuliwa.