Shida za Dunia

Every economic model has its downsides.
Some models outweigh others in the weight and number of downsides.
However great you manage whatever model you choose to use, something will always drag it back.

Here is Koryeo Slum. It is huge. In the distant background, the tall skyscrapers…that’s Gangnam, the richest district in Seoul, South Korea. A classic tale of Kangemi Vs Loresho, Kawangware Vs Lavington, Githogoro Vs Runda…


Kuna mtu atasema slums za uko wanaroof na Mareba tiles, sio na mathangu / juala…isorait.

Slum ziko na “DSTV” ya huko? na ile time kirubi walitaka kujenga io kitu yao wamejenga walizunguka na ndege kuhesabu wapi kuna dstv mingi nairobi…

Lakini ni wasafi u can’t compare with filthy kiberians kinyesss kila mahali.

Still looking good for a slum environment. Not like our Kibera and Mathare

Despite all that,i see guys have hanged flags outside their homes. They still believe in their country.

Kama hakuna flying toilet sio slum

Kwani hiyo ndiyo criteria? :D:D

If there is Rich, there is poor; Just the same way there is light and darkness. Life is like a see saw, and not like a treadmill.

Having sewage flowing just outside your home and piles of :meffi::meffi: everywhere makes slums in Kenya among the worst globally.
Before NYS Waiguru became a major enemy of Raila she was going to build toilets all over kibra. But we all know what happened to that.
S. KOREA is years ahead of Kenya. We will get there eventually