Shida ya county

Looks like Igathe had too much on his plate to a point that the governor was annoying him…

:eek::eek: No English of Nose? :slight_smile:

The audio shows the two really consulted alot

Recording your deputy or the other way round is like putting someone on loud speaker in a room full of pple when u are having a private conversation with the said person. Trust issues ilikuwa hapa

Same with the screen shots

" I carried the Governor when he was 4months old"

Why do Uncles/Aunties like using this line or similar ones on nephews/nieces who have made it in life. Ati unajua ni Mimi nilikuwa nakutoa nappy.

A certain drunk told me that he toiled while bringing me up yet he is not even my close relative.

The same guy once called the president, put him on loud speaker all in the glare of the press and other members of the public. He clearly has no tact.

Now the talk just makes things more confusing . I don’t sense any trust issue , they sound open and team working and updating each other on tasks .

Problem is that Sonko is a buffoon who promised hawkers, Matatus and other city bylaw breakers a free pass. Nairobi needs a ruthless manager not an emotional philanthropic thug

That audio does not prove anything apart from the fact that Sonko is an idiot na ana kiherehere mingi