Shida ni Climate Change..

Not corruption.

Not sabotaging the likes of Galana Kulalu…
Not gobling up dam/borehole money…
Not poor distribution networks, food rotting in some parts of the country while others starve…
Not sending billions to ASALs for years with nothing to show for it…
Not letting water go to waste during flash floods, instead of harvesting it for leaner times…


Kwani 93 mirrion haitoshi

Best way to live in KE is to live your own life.

True. But it is frustrating when there are those who are helpless and vulnerable at the end of these bad decisions. Especially children who’s future is being stolen from them

Not your children, not your problem.

Thinking back, if I were a child who life had dealt a bad hand, I’d have been very grateful if there was a way out.

We’re living in the End Times. Believers have been talking about this Age for centuries and cruelly mocked for it. Well here we are. We are living in the era of polycrises. Have you noticed that we’re not dealing with one issue at any given time? It’s one thing on top of another, and another, and another in layers. No time to breathe or adjust. Despite all these troubles you still haven’t seen anything yet!! The Bible says that during the tribulation, a man’s daily wages will only afford to feed him one meal per day. Just himself. When you listen in to these CS’s talking about water irrigation being the solution to hunger, it goes to show you that they’re out of depth. Our underground water reserves are drying up too which means that fresh water is a very limited commodity. Perhaps we should conserve this water for future drinking purposes instead of wasting it on irrigation?

Prophet kindly prophesy something pleasing si kila saa terror , SEREkali iko mikononi mwa watu wa mungu wenye huwa wanaomba mpaka machooosssss inatiririka Kama ile ya yesua pale Gethsemane

I get, but my point is you can’t carry the weight of the world.

Climate change ni uwongo za elites. The Bible predicted things will get worse just before the Second Coming of Christ. Drought is one of the birth pains.

Brother we have the promise of the glorious rapture! Before things get completely out of control, true Christians will be disappeared out of the earth. Millions and millions of people will simply vanish into thin air never to be seen again. Basically your job is to make sure you don’t miss this rapture because honestly speaking, there is nothing good in store for this earth. Dunia inaangamizwa. Kindly repent while there’s still time and live a holy life!!

Will a saved witch doctor like me experience these raptures?

No. Witchcraft is satanic .