shida iko wapi?

we select them from amongst ourselves.


My dress my …

Viongozi wetu hawa. We are proud of them. The pace was setup in 1964.


Gover 047, anali-present sawa kabisa:D

Si kwa ubaya but when jungus see a chokosh like Sonko dressed like this in an airport and later learn he is a governor of a capital city huwa tuu ni comedy kwao but they don’t show it. Deep inside hao ujiambia Africa is not serious and nowonder it lacks developments if these are their kind of leaders.

Manze kheri uvae shuka ya maasai ukiwa bare chest or uvae kama those Swaziland kings watajua ni culture but not this.

Shame shame

What about Doctors in those high end hospitals, who treat most of our policy makers, can you imagine a minister of health seeking treatment aboard. Wonder, how the doctors and other staff view, and talk.

Why is Sonko holding an ordinary passport? Shouldn’t he be having these top diplomatic passport or he’s too rich he doesn’t need that extra privilege to cross borders?

Sonko skipped a stage in his life while growing up.
And imagine the dude currently is a grandfather.